Growing Up Fast!

Faster than we would like. 🙂

Wasn’t so long ago when he was still struggling to hold the teether in his hand, & his attempts to mouth the teether were clumsy. Now, he manoeuvres objects with ease & mouths Sophie the giraffe so efficiently!

He couldn’t even sit for a few seconds without falling to one side just awhile ago, but this weekend, Yuan & I realised he could already sit on his own *rather* steadily. Just 1 – 2 weeks back he had just managed to flip & now sitting’s his favourite position 🙂

When we started him on rice cereal, he didn’t quite know how to eat properly & the cereal got all over his mouth & chin area. Now he opens his mouth wide and swallows the cereal eagerly & proficiently!

The weekend has been peppered with milestones, it feels amazing 🙂

The baby @ 24 weeks.. & fast approaching his 25th 😀


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