A boss, of all persons once said this to me: “Your self-worth is not determined by your job. A job is just a job.”

Am not going into details but ya, that’s that.

Have been thinking of sprucing up the home lately (sorry if this sounds disjointed from the top 2 sentences haha), but I wonder if it’s a futile effort especially wif the baby – don’t houses just get messier & dirtier wif a child ard! Haa.

The bamboo blinds we installed to keep out the sun/ rain from the balcony lends the living room an unexpected cosiness – also inspiring me to re-decorate the house to make it nicer! I guess we would all appreciate returning to a neat, tidy, organised & beautiful home 🙂 Time to restart the (packing) engines, hee..

One of the things I regretted not doing during my ML – cooking! Sigh. To think that I was at home for almost 4 months but did not get to cook a single meal (wif the exception of porridge). It’s pathetic. 😦 I think I need to come up to speed wif this one so that Zach can grow up eating healthy & hearty homecooked meals.. & yes lovely Jap-styled bentos. 😛

On the topic of Jap-styled bentos, haha – I bought up a storm at Daiso just now (been some time since I found Daiso interesting). Rice molds, sandwich molds, silicone cups, sauce bottles, etc. etc.. I basically stalked the bento section. Quite excited about this bento thing! 🙂 I am rather determined to make nice food (taste & look gd) for my dear baby (and Hubby of ‘coz).. 😛

Very inspiring site:

Hope 我不是三分钟热度!!!


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