Photos which make me happy

Becoz I’m experiencing Tuesday blues, becoz I have no access to the work computer, & becoz I have little time to blog at home.. I decided to upload some pics which would make me happee when I see them! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Hee he has such cute hands. & nothing can stop him from putting that hand of his into his mouth in between mouthfuls of sweet potato puree! Our dear baby.. 🙂

Still soooo determined to suck on his fingers even when Mummy says, “Take out! take out!”

The babe snoozing in the carrier, & I. 🙂

Haa our ‘uniform’ for the day ^_*

The yiyi’s cheeky as ever & the babe’s amused! 😀

My ‘lil security ‘guards’ who are waiting to breach the security of the bedroom 😀

[Updated on 20 Apr]

Look how engrossed he was playing wif his saliva!!! & wet hands! Haha.

Fashionista alert!!!! (in his BabyGAP-DVF hat & off-the-rack-but-still-chic sunnies :P)

This was in his 1st mth when he was still a blur-blur baby. 🙂 Check out those skinny legs!

My strong & meaty baby now 😀

[Updated on 23 Apr]

I LOVE this pic of him, taken yesterday!!! How he typically charms us wif his smile 😀

My dunno-why-so-long-still-so-naughty gal!!! But love lots still. 🙂

My sweet & obedient gal who loves pats 😀 (this is the posture post-patting)



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