Week 30, 31, 32

I find it hard to believe how difficult it is to write a weekly entry for this blog/ do Zhezhe’s weekly photo collage for that matter.

The reality is.. .. we really (REALLY) have no time for ourselves, least to say a blog. It’s a race against time to get the honey home/ fed/ bathed/ read to & put to bed every evening, which leaves, really nothing much for the self.

& yes.. we still have the 姐姐s to love & care for.. lol.. hmmmm.. ok I’m not complaining, I just need more 油 like today (i.e. OIL for the unenlightened kekeke)

OK about the baby – he’s cruising already! ^^ Gave my Mum a fright when he suddenly got up & started walking alongside the wall.. ‘lil fella with no sense of danger. 🙂 He’s an adventurous & determined one though 😀

At week 32+ now.. check out his pics!


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