B’s First Picnic & National Day

I may not have had the time to blog on many of his “firsts” but to blog on his first picnic/ National Day – sure can, ‘coz the part-time helper is here today 😛

Not that we’re super patriotic but err.. the opportunity to attend just presented itself 🙂

Thanks to Muisee dear for informing about the event. I REALLY enjoyed myself! Hee. We shld do more of such family outings 😀

I think Hubby & the baby also had a good time just that the baby was kinda frightened by the sight of fireworks, as some other babies at the event were.. 🙂

Pics below! Will add on when I get the grp pics from Muisee 🙂

Ngs’ contribution to the picnic #1 – salad greens wif mandarin orange & tulip sausages (the latter from the justbento.com cookbook)

Ngs’ contribution to the picnic #2 – Yuan’s ‘famous’ chix wings! Haha!

Mama also prepared a mini bento (pandan cake & blueberries) for 宝宝!

B was pretty excited @ his first picnic!

A pic wif Mama

Finally at 8pm odd.. BIG FIREWORK BLOOMS! 😀

So beautiful – fireworks up close & personal

A pic to remember the day by – pity 宝宝was not looking & Mama was looking at him to get him to look at the camera :S

Advanced Happee B’day S’pore!!!


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