Totally Lagging Behind in Preparation..

.. for his 1st B’day Party!!! :S

While I had always prided myself on having reasonably good organisational skills (hurhur) once my trusty Gantt chart is drawn up, I must say planning for his 1st b’day party was nowhere as easy as I thought!

Despite CLEAR timelines for the various tasks we have to undertake (from research/ brainstorming phase to shortlisting photos to buying the party stuff, etc.), we have been slipping in EVERY task. 😦 There just seems to be 1,001 stuff to do b4 we can do this & so.. everything’s largely undone & the party’s just about a month & slightly more away!!!

I think henceforth I need to spend my lunchtime & mother room time thinking about this.. haha. Some quick notes:

  • theme – set: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – ok I know it’s super predictable but what to do? He loves his “tweet tweet tweet”
  • Candy corner for all guests; self-packing – get bags from daiso & I can stamp his name 😀
  • Kiddo dining corner with MMC partyware & kiddo snackers prepared by us!
  • Polaroid photo-taking & hanging up pics of guests on rope as decor
  • Zach’s video

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