Neglected Blog :(

As the title suggests, yeah, this blog is grossly neglected. 😦

I think I’ve said it here before but will complain again – I no longer have the luxury of time to slowly compose my posts, to edit the pics I want to upload and to basically update on the most frivolous of things (but I like!!!!). That sometimes turns me to FB which is so easy to update – albeit without the commentary but the photos get to see the light of day at least. Boo. Hope FB never gets obsolete and deleted like Friendster..

Yeah, the baby’s first year B’day party pics are on FB. So are the many pictures of our various outings. Time has flown & he’s now – shudders – a toddler! :S Yeah, toddlers are aged 1 – 3 BUT we still insist on calling him our baby, more so as babyness eludes us day by day. Though he can be a handful I really wish time would move slower. That he would be our hug & kisses-loving, super gluey baby for a looonnnnngg more time. Please don’t grow up so fast baby… 🙂

Looking forward to going home – 1 hr more – to the baby’s chuckle & huge smile on seeing us! Priceless moment!!!


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