Back from Taiwan! (8 – 17 Nov)

Yeah, back. (oops haha I didn’t even write that we were going! :S )

It’s baby Zach’s 2nd trip in his 13 mths @ Yuan’s most-anticipated travel destination. We were prepared for some level of difficulty (Zach’s not your guai guai sit there quietly kinda baby) but still, it felt very difficult when he’s being fussy, fidgety and all. ESPECIALLY on the plane. But as Yuan rightly put it, we were still happee to be able to spend 10 full days holidaying wif our sweet darling. 🙂 Will miss him lots while at work!

The baby had to endure considerably long journeys as we travelled from town to town outside of Taipei city. Some of the nice places we went over 10 days – Lavender Cottage, Gaomei wetlands, Aowanda nature reserve, Hehuanshan, Yeliu geopark, Shifen, Jiufen, Danshui & Fisherman’s Wharf & the Jilong night market which I really liked! It was however a different ball game altogether wif an active child around & we couldn’t really enjoy the places as much as we would have liked to. Luckily we managed to release sky lantern at Shifen – that was an amazing experience & the KTV session @ PartyWorld Taipei was very fun too! Check out my KTV buddy buddy singing below!!! More pics to follow. 🙂



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