Snippets of Taiwan

Time to update on the love nest – yeah!

As always, we were on the lookout to buy stuff to adorn the home while on hols; here goes 🙂


胜兴车站的手信 - “爸爸妈妈和吉吉吉吉 2012年11月台湾一游”

Ok this was pretty cool ‘coz we got to carve the words ourselves using the tool! And the shop provided color pencils & stamp pads for your use (decor). Nice!!! 😀 It now adorns our balcony 🙂



天灯souvenir from 十分。。pretty!



Can you spot the 野柳 “Queen’s head” addition on our magnet ‘wall’?



Haha another family portrait, from 淡水 🙂



You may have tasted Osmanthus jelly, but have you tried Osmanthus soap??? 🙂 Heavenly scented soap from Tai Chung’s Lavender Cottage..



2 mini art pieces added to the collection, from Taiwan! & bunny ones! *hearts*



Updated our funny wall wif Taiwan funny pics! Hee!


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