Zaden Prep Step #3

Haha considering my prev post on compartmentalising Zach’s wardrobe as Step #1, & Zaden’s name frame as Step #2, then these decals shld constitute Step #3! We’ve had them for some time, but it took awhile to decide to change those bunny ones over -_- But I feel better when I saw not 1 but 2 bunnies in this decal set as well! Hee..


Since Zaden will not be zzzping in the nursery (as wif Zach), the best we could do was to spruce up the playroom abit 😛 He will share it with his sweet korkor in the future. Dunno where else to put the decals but in front of the writing table, so I think it’s entertaining Zach more than anything else now! He says, “so many animals!” Haha. The cute ‘lil fella is a real chatterbox now, really lovey dovey & I hope that he continues to stay that way.. 🙂

It’s just 2 more mths or so till the new arrival.. hoping time can pass slower ‘coz the house is still in a mess! I needa organise it so much more!!! God pls give me more time.


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