Zaden is born!

Haha yes, 11 Jun is past & man, aren’t I glad it’s been a week & 2 days & the hosp days are over.. 🙂

it’s great to be home, ‘tho the stay @ Gleneagles was comfy as ever.. (& there were no strange calls haha)

We’re still in the transition phase, & Zach is still adjusting to the new addition in our family (& the strange auntie he doesn’t like v much haha!) but I think things are getting better! At least, he’s not so ‘weird’ to me anymore (a little cold – I also can’t put a finger to it). It’s bk to his Mummy Mummy Mummy days.. keke! & I still get to spend alone time with him & put him to bed – which is really really impt to me! Thank God for the progress.. am truly grateful. 🙂

Zaden has been really sweet, quite quiet (fingers crossed) & really loves to smile. We really like that!!! & his dimples are really lovely hehe. Thankfully he doesn’t seem grumpy – I was more edgy this pregnancy than the last. :/

Just 4 pics I am posting below – photos galore on FB as usual – hope you like them. 🙂






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