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Realising.. My Dream Wedding

Yuan & I were very 冲动 today ‘coz we signed the bridal package and paid half at the first bridal studio we went to in this wedding preparation.. !?!

Hmm.. actually I’m still trying to assess if it was on impulse ‘coz you normally feel a certain degree of regret if it was really a decision that was made too quickly right? But I do not have this feeling; on the contrary, I feel VERY HAPPY & SATISFIED.. hehehe. We signed with My Dream Wedding.. 😀

Am also very pleased ‘coz this settles my ROM dress; they’ll actually be bringing in more dresses from HK that I can try in July..

The most exciting thing about this package is that we’ll be going to HK to take our wedding photos! It’s actually quite bizarre ‘coz we will not be bringing anything over, the gowns are actually going to be selected from the HK parent studio when we touch down in HK.. makeup artist and photographer will also be from HK..

Hope that everything will be as nice as we imagine it to be! Will update again on new developments. We took pics after leaving the studio to show ya.. see below..

See the pic above! We’ll be taking pics on that yacht! Haha. Told Yuan I wanna do the same pose. =P


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