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Eventful Day

Our Sat was very well spent! We went to:

  • collect the favours
  • attend Amara’s wedding show
  • MDW for a really short while to check out the dresses
  • Wisma to pass time
  • eat buffet @ The Square, Furama Riverfront

and they are playing mahjong now! Actually I was playing for the first 1/2 hr till Yuan succumbed to temptation & asked me to let him play! Sobz. So I have alot of time to elaborate on the first 3 items ya.. =)


We went to Yu Li Industrial Building, Geylang to collect the favours we ordered and managed to choose another type. So now we’re just short of the last 10 items! Will probably get something to eat as we already have mostly non-food items. =)

Amara’s Wedding Show

In fact, we found the show quite well organised and not bad at all! The programme was tight (1 – 4pm) and we found ourselves sufficiently entertained by the tours, the bridal and evening gown show by White Weddings, the song segment by A Little Dream, the hi-tea which was surprisingly yummy and the lucky draw segment (‘tho we did not have any luck today!) However, still no strong indication on which hotel to book the banquet from leh..

Some eye candy for you, as usual:

The band – A Little Dream

The outdoor solemnisation area. Looks ok la.

Soooo many of these birdcages ard!

Me with the pink curtains which look like Lily’s

Doesn’t this look like the Goodwood Park structure?

Hee yep, we went with Ann & Soonsoon again.. =)


We decided to pop by MDW to take a look since we were nearby. Saw a few dresses on the rack which look ok to try and I’m so excited! Too bad they didn’t manage to get a light green dress leh.. saw one @ the wedding show by White Weddings ‘tho.. soooooo pretty..


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Wedding Show @ Pioneer Spring, Safra Mt Faber

Wasn’t too keen to go at first ‘coz it.. sounds.. boring. But Yuan said we could go there for our anniversary dinner (which is not a bad idea). Haa.

Was quite xian in the beginning ‘coz must sit down and hear the banquet exec sell you the place. Must qualify however that they have quite a good spread of vendors (many more and more interesting than Goodwood’s) and we managed to check out a few booths. The saving grace indisputably was the food tasting buffet (which we treated as our dinner) which was really quite good! Basically, they allowed you to try their $699 menu (the cheepest one) and it was not bad at all!

Oh and did I forget to add.. we won one of the 3 prizes in the lucky draw! The prizes are the same – a $300 Bridal Zone voucher to be used with the $3k+ package.. no use to us as we already bought our package *shrug* Let me know if you’re interested to get it.. =) Okies, as usual, eye candy for you..

Got red carpet but no gown presentation.. funny..

Erm pretty standard tealights backdrop

Showcasing their $699, $799 and $899 menu

We had a good meal! Keke!


Satisfied me after eating a mountain full of food wahaha (as compared to some gfs who ate only a few morsels as if they’re really food-sampling)

Erm.. the turnout was not very ideal we guess..

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Wet Weather & A Boring Bridal Show

Anastasia informed us that there will be a solemnisation @ Parkroyal today so off we went, ‘tho it was raining all morning. We were half-thinking the couple might decide to continue in the light drizzle (at around 11 odd), but they didn’t.. the hotel had already set up the solemnisation table inside the Marina/Victoria room.. :/ We’re really at the mercy of the weather ‘coz it’s either too sunny or raining.. sobz! After checking out the current decor, we agreed that we need to do more to decorate the place; it looks too stark now..

Sis & Soon were with us as we were going to the Goodwood Park bridal show in the afternoon. It was our first bridal show (not the first for them) but sad to say, it was draggy and boring! The 4 of us also did not win anything.. sobz! The worse part was that we were all too full to eat much! Wah piangz! Haa. The only saving grace was that we managed to take ALOT of photos.. haha. See below..

Wahaha! Photo-taking started at the entrance liao!?! Can find us?

Pretty chair decor we can learn from.. currently Parkroyal only ties the ribbon, no flowers..  >_<

Another point of reference. Petals are a tad too common ‘tho.

This is Ann & Soon taking part in the “In the Mood for Love & Romance” Fleurlicious Photo Contest where the photographer insisted that we close our eyes.. why is closing eyes romantic? Haha..

You can imagine that we did a bad job looking romantic (that’s why we didn’t win this bird cage). =P But what is that love-shaped thingy in front of us ah.. so bizarre..

Wow I like this photo! =) Nice flight of stairs lined with flowers and tealights.

This was the killer liao.. waited nearly 1 hour for the bridal collection presentation to start.. urrgghhh.. many ppl fell azzz liao.. haha.

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