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Step #3 (under trial)

Step #3, handmade is up!

However, it is still undergoing a durability test which I am rather sure it wouldn’t pass.. damn hard to make & somehow the stars & starbursts keep falling off =((((((

Yuan also says it looks very cheepo.. *sulk* Well.. I bought it thousands of years ago from Pattaya I think for less than a 100 baht (if I didn’t recall wrongly). The things I can keep for soooo many years! Hahaha.

So.. here it is.. whether or not we will continue to use it really depends on whether it can hold up!!!


Glow-in-the-dark mobile.. same theme as the mobile in Step #1 wor!


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Step #2

A step a day, good progress in May!

It’s adorable wouldn’t you say.

Crunchy carrot to mark your growth each day.

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Step #1

Nice! =D

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Floor Plan

We got our floor plan for our little nest on the resale completion date. Although we are not planning for major reno. Dear still insist on getting the floor plan.

And it had proved to be very useful. 🙂 


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Angbao box project

It’s been some time since we updated, ‘coz, there’s really nothing much to update at the mmt leh..

Really hope to be able to blog on some new developments soon – hope there’ll be some new developments soon! *期待*

In the meantime, I’ll be working on a very simple angbao box project for Grace.. will post the photo here next week once I complete it.. hee..

[Update as of 29 Nov]

Gracie’s angpao box is ready! =P See below:


I love the roses from Spotlight. They’re very pretty!


Close-up pic. Check out the pink flower crystals embedded in the feathery border.. keke.

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And.. we won..

the 3rd prize!!! Kekekeke..

Our teacher said we’re lucky to meet a group of amateur aunties in this competition.. else, surely gena trashed. And the most amazing thing is all 3 teams we sent (i.e. 6 of us in the class) got the top 3 prizes!!! My classmates were elated.. 😉

Okies, do check out the pics below.. ours (mine & Cally’s) was very minimalist.. haha.


Our winning 作品。。哈哈!They even gave trophies..


1st, 2nd, 3rd – all from our class!!! We really owe this to our teacher.. =)


Close-up of ours – “A little piece of heaven in the neighbourhood”. Such a whimsical name thought up by Cally! Hee!


And yes, cutie Jedi & Mummy came to lend their support! He looks so adorable in this shot! =D

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There’re no flowers in 插花班7, only chocos.. Check it out below ya, think it looks nicer in the pic than in reality – I can’t do bouquets for nuts! Damn difficult la..

And next week, we’re going to do artificial flowers, to practice for our impending 插花competition on 9 Nov!?! Well.. it’s all in the name of good fun.. =P

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