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GDL & Other Updates

Been soooo busy that I missed my weekly blog update on Sun, can you imagine! -_-”

My naughty sister was warded last Wed at TTSH after 3 days of persistent on-off high fever, & she only got discharged yester (15th Nov) =/ The good thing is, she was actually in-time for our GDL in the afternoon, & even played an impt role – the photographer cum videographer! Heh. Very glad that she’s fine now.. nothing really is more impt than good health.. hospitals & docs are scary >_<

 I took leave on Fri the 13th (I love the #13 btw) for some SERIOUS shopping (actually the primary aim was to get the jiemei gifts), & I finally had the chance to explore the entire Ion Orchard on my own! My verdict –> the more interesting levels to me are just the MRT basement level & perhaps the one above. Still need to check out the usual shops @ Wisma and Taka leh..

Right now it’s back to work, work, work. I wish I had infinite leave like some of my colleagues so that I can take leave from now to prepare for the wedding.. stressed! Picture updates below for you..


Haha! Yuanyuan’s here wif the GDL stuff from the Groom’s side


The above are the GDL stuff from our side


Must exchange oranges & give back 1/2 of most of the other items.. haha


This shot is nice but.. what is Yuan’s hand doing on my head!


Now Yuanyuan & matchmaker Auntie will leave with the GDL stuff from my side.. keke.

wedding shoes_pazzion

Woo! Finally chose my wedding shoes, in what else but sparkly ribbons ;D


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Instant Nails

Finally, I honoured my word towards the lady in the Nailz Korea shop in Sq 2 & booked a set of instant nails today (3 months after I first stepped into that shop) =P

Well, this set of instant nails is supposed to be used for the pre-wedding shoot in HK and the AD in Dec (hopefully I will not get sick of it by then – Yuan will kill me =P) and haha, it’s so girly hor! It’s also supposed to be versatile enough to be worn on other occasions so hopefully you will get to see me wear it quite often, haa..

This is a sneak preview of how it will look like – hopefully it will look at least 90% like the original! *keeping fingers crossed*


Pardon the lousy pic – I was taking a photo of the pic on the jap magazine! 😉

– – – – – – – – – –

[Update as of 2 Mar]

Collected the nails today – in less than 1 week! =) Hmm I would say that it is quite like the original, but I would have preferred the flowers to be smaller and more dainty..

All in all, however, I think I like their service & the lady who tended to me all this while! =D



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My Dress

Woo Hoo! Collected the dress today & I just tried it on! 😉

I wonder if it’s my imagination – I think not – I think I gained some weight again! Urgh! Must be those lunches wif my naughty colleagues! >_<

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White Shoes

He had been in search of white shoes since last week. Luckily we found it today, @ Pedro! We also saw quite a few pairs at Queensway – it’s harder to find in city areas! Check it out:

Me ‘in his shoes’


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Pretty shoes

Settled my ROM shoes today, yay!

Should have gone to TANGS earlier since I know it’s my fav outlet for shoes – settled my choice in just 10 min =P

Was looking for something strappy & shiny to match the dress, and was quite happy to find it! Was intially worried that it’s not high enuff until I got home and realised that it’s actually higher than all of my shoes.. keke. Here it is:

Nice mah?

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Cannot decide!

Wahaha, how can a hand bouquet be harder to decide on than the dress..? (that’s the reality, in fact =P)

Not hard to explain why – it’s a straightforward situation of having a choice vs. having no choice. I decided on the dress in less than 2 hours ‘coz there was only that rack to choose from; I’m taking weeks to decide on the bouquet ‘coz I’ve got so much time & so many choices! Haa!

I need your vote – conventional or the ball??? Some feedback so far:

Yuan: Ball – Trying to be funny
Florist – Based on my dress (I sent her the pic), conventional is more suitable (sob)
Me – I like the ball ‘coz it’s unique! But I’m also worried that it may not go wif the dress..
Ann – All types would be suitable! Choose the type you like.

OK.. pics below (this is not the final one as it will be customised to our colour scheme, but you get the idea)


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ROM Gown Selection

Finally, after waiting sooooo long, the day had come for me to choose the gown. Yay!

I found it a rather awkward experience (especially for the first 1/2 hour) ‘coz there would be sooo many pairs of eyes looking at you, commenting whether it’s nice/not so nice, suitable for you or not.. >_<

You would probably also require the girl to help you zip up/tie the criss-cross thingy behind you so it can be rather awkward. No way to zip it up yourself (not to mention tying the criss-cross thing) ‘coz the thing is damn low lor.. below your waist.. >_<

Yuan said I eliminated 1/2 of the selection straightaway by insisting on a long gown. Am relieved that I managed to find a suitable one from that 1/2, and it was not a bad choice at all. I like it! Won’t show you the actual thing but will show you the one I like second best, ok? I actually like it alot ‘coz it’s fitting at the waist but we didn’t choose it in the end ‘coz it looks too much like a bridal gown.. =P

Check it out..

The yellow one at the back is also quite suitable and cheery but it’s empire cut and flares out at the waist. There’s a danger of me looking short and fat haha, so..

I also realised that when I don’t feel at ease, I keep making this silly face. 90% of the pics I took at the studio had this funny face. Urgh!

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