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B’s First Picnic & National Day

I may not have had the time to blog on many of his “firsts” but to blog on his first picnic/ National Day – sure can, ‘coz the part-time helper is here today 😛

Not that we’re super patriotic but err.. the opportunity to attend just presented itself 🙂

Thanks to Muisee dear for informing about the event. I REALLY enjoyed myself! Hee. We shld do more of such family outings 😀

I think Hubby & the baby also had a good time just that the baby was kinda frightened by the sight of fireworks, as some other babies at the event were.. 🙂

Pics below! Will add on when I get the grp pics from Muisee 🙂

Ngs’ contribution to the picnic #1 – salad greens wif mandarin orange & tulip sausages (the latter from the cookbook)

Ngs’ contribution to the picnic #2 – Yuan’s ‘famous’ chix wings! Haha!

Mama also prepared a mini bento (pandan cake & blueberries) for 宝宝!

B was pretty excited @ his first picnic!

A pic wif Mama

Finally at 8pm odd.. BIG FIREWORK BLOOMS! 😀

So beautiful – fireworks up close & personal

A pic to remember the day by – pity 宝宝was not looking & Mama was looking at him to get him to look at the camera :S

Advanced Happee B’day S’pore!!!


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1st Mother Day

Weather is good, cooling weather after a morning rain.

So off we go to Botanic Garden for our mother day celebration brunch @ Halia.

Morning stroll in the garden.

Mummy and baby Zach Posing before the food.

Daddy and Zach


Mummy’s Pasta

Daddy’s American Breakfast

Zach fall asleep halfway thru the meal.

Mummy’s favorite Dessert Banana Walnut Bread.

A family photo

Daddy and Zach after nap.

Happy Mother Day

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He’s 4 & 3/4 months & I’m 32!

The effect of returning to work full-time = REALLY tardy blog updates! :/

The baby reached his 19th & 20th week milestone already & is fast approaching his 21st 🙂

&.. it’s been exactly a week since my 32nd B’day, sobz. How fast such good days past.. (thankfully the celebrations aren’t over :P)

Hubby’s suggestion to go Sentosa for my B’day turned out really well! Enjoyed the day v much wif baby in tow.. 😀 Thank God for good weather & a cooperative Zachary, hee.

The family celebration was @ Cafebiz – my fav, the celebration wif colleagues was @ Canton i (another fav of mine) while the meet-up wif Huikoon was @ our home!  Looking forward to the other ‘traditional’ gatherings wif my schoolmates. Urgh, how fast the years past us by ah..

Technically speaking, this was not the baby’s 1st visit to Sentosa – his first was to Universal Studios while still in Mummy’s tummy! 🙂

(Clockwise) B’day dinner at Big Easy while baby’s azzz; my slice of strawberry shortcake at the Festive hotel (?) tea lounge; little feet in the sand at Siloso beach; the new Malaysian food street at RWS; Baby & I at the beach; little handsome wif his new sunnies; family pic at the hotel tea lounge

19 weeks

20 weeks

Updating on his 21st quite soon I hope! 🙂

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mom mom

Baby are you saying you are almost.. ready for other foods? Haha..

Hmm that looks like interesting mom mom..

Unable to be distracted – still looking!!!

Object of interest – the soup of the Baikohken ramen @ Taka basement (we finished it already lol)

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Time Flies; It’s Been 12 Weeks

As usual, the weekly pic marks the end of one more week of our dear baby’s existence, & it’s been 12.. 🙂

The weeks are passing faster than I would like, ‘tho I am happy about how quickly the Fridays & weekends come – when Hubby is home & he can relieve me! we can go out together 😛

Short of the baby’s occasional tantrums (i.e. usually just requests for carrying), he has been a really sweet & happy boy, & we can’t say how thankful we are for that! His smiles/ squeals/ coos can brighten up any day.. hehe..

The poor baby has mostly been exposed to malls (only) so far though! Hmm.. maybe it’s not such a good idea to be born around the Christmas season ‘coz all Daddy & Mummy is doing is hitting the malls & frantically shopping for presents! So the baby has seen various shopping centres & loads of Christmas-shopping ppl, haha. Hopefully we can go for more ‘healthy’ outings once this season passes & he is slightly older.

Hubby & I also managed an outing w/o the baby by leaving him at the in-laws’ – to watch “The Christmas Bunny”, a charity screening by HRSS & to do a dinner. It was a ‘lil unnerving to leave him for so many hours (not used to it) but it turned out ok. 🙂

On the gals – regret to say that ‘tho I am home ALL THE TIME, I have not been able to accompany them alot of the time 😦 Partly becoz when I’m alone, I don’t really want to let them out of the balcony lest the baby wails & I can’t get them back in fast enuff (the naughty gals need supervision when out). So.. I really cherish their nights out when I can spend some quality time wif them & most importantly, they can do all the hopping they want! I feel quite guilty towards them sometimes when they look at me from inside the balcony & I know that last time, I would surely let them out upon request. 😦

But I still do love them so & I hope they will always know it.. 🙂

So ok.. photos in the next post! (& I still need to blog about the anniversary.. 🙂 )

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A Blogworthy Day

Yester’s events were indeed blogworthy ‘coz.. it was our first ‘real’ outing as a family!

Not counting those visits to the gynae & pediatrician of ‘coz.. 🙂

It was intended to be a rather wholesome trip (baby’s intro to nature (Botanical Gardens) + shopping trip for me (Tanglin Mall)), followed by a routine visit to the in-laws but becoz he kept us awake much of the night before, and the weather (quite sunny) we decided to just go to Great World City before visiting his grandparents. 😛

Still, I was rather grateful to be able to visit a mall & to break the monotony of being tied to home!

But did I forget to mention that I also found the trip a tad stressful becoz of the feeding requirement.. I insisted to locate & check out the babycare room before anything else – have this phobia of him going hysterical wif hunger suddenly when he wakes! Luckily, it went relatively well.. phew. And the babycare room at GWC is rather conducive too 🙂

Some photos from our memorable ‘lil outing.. 🙂

Baby @ GWC (oops, forgot to take the surroundings haha)

Baby wif a pose!

Dinner @ our GWC fav Bangkok Jam – not bad at all! Alas, he was starting to get a ‘lil fretful.

I bought 2 pairs of Martina Pink shoes (purple heels!) from the Tangs shoe shop! Now, I would NEVER do that in the past. Think I am just too shopping-deprived. Online shopping’s not as satisfying leh.. haa. Apart from these we also bought b’day pressies for an upcoming kids’ b’day party & a baby pillow for Zachary.

Fast forward to Gonggong & Ah Ma’s place. Zhezhe trying out Ah Ma’s bed – he looks like a ‘lil fatty here hahaha.

& then trying out Xinying jiejie’s sarong!

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