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ROM Appt

Hee, both of us took leave today to go for our ROM appt! =) My first time going to ROM..

The process was smooth and quicker than we expected, ‘coz Ah Hwai said must wait very long but not really leh! =P

The somba process was funny too, where each of us had to raise our right hand and read out this looonngg oath & you could hear other to-be-marrieds reading also at the next counter. Haha..

So, we got our marriage certs.. cool..

Yuan smiling happily!

That’s the free gift – a magazine called ‘Just Married’. Hmm..

k, we were @ City Hall area and it’s Wed so I got to try Yuan’s strongly recommended Carona chicken stall! Yum.

After that, we proceeded to buy Cheki’s film, collect our last type of favours and to Far East Flora to order hell of a alot of petals.. what a fruitful day.. =)

And it’s Mummy’s b’day today! HAPPY B’DAE MUMMY!

[sicktrack a bit] Last but not least, the first gift we got, from kiwi.. =) 舍不得 open for the mmt.. haha..


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Eventful Day

Our Sat was very well spent! We went to:

  • collect the favours
  • attend Amara’s wedding show
  • MDW for a really short while to check out the dresses
  • Wisma to pass time
  • eat buffet @ The Square, Furama Riverfront

and they are playing mahjong now! Actually I was playing for the first 1/2 hr till Yuan succumbed to temptation & asked me to let him play! Sobz. So I have alot of time to elaborate on the first 3 items ya.. =)


We went to Yu Li Industrial Building, Geylang to collect the favours we ordered and managed to choose another type. So now we’re just short of the last 10 items! Will probably get something to eat as we already have mostly non-food items. =)

Amara’s Wedding Show

In fact, we found the show quite well organised and not bad at all! The programme was tight (1 – 4pm) and we found ourselves sufficiently entertained by the tours, the bridal and evening gown show by White Weddings, the song segment by A Little Dream, the hi-tea which was surprisingly yummy and the lucky draw segment (‘tho we did not have any luck today!) However, still no strong indication on which hotel to book the banquet from leh..

Some eye candy for you, as usual:

The band – A Little Dream

The outdoor solemnisation area. Looks ok la.

Soooo many of these birdcages ard!

Me with the pink curtains which look like Lily’s

Doesn’t this look like the Goodwood Park structure?

Hee yep, we went with Ann & Soonsoon again.. =)


We decided to pop by MDW to take a look since we were nearby. Saw a few dresses on the rack which look ok to try and I’m so excited! Too bad they didn’t manage to get a light green dress leh.. saw one @ the wedding show by White Weddings ‘tho.. soooooo pretty..

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Back in SG

Yuan and I are back in SG after a very short trip to HCM. It’s worse for him ‘coz he went back to work/study today whereas I nuahed at home the entire day.. =P

If there can be only 1 word to describe HCM, it would be – I’m very sorry – HOT! I cannot count the no. of times we almost melted in the heat. And the shopping is.. err.. there’s really not much to buy..

So you can imagine that we were not very successful in wedding favour identification and procurement lor.. :/ After scouring the streets, markets and very rare shopping centres, we only managed to get 2 types.. so 4 more types to go.. will find something from SG la.. easier, hee.

And yes, very importantly, Yuan managed to get his suit done @ this shop called Tricia & Verona @ Dong Du Street, HCM! I can’t pose pics ‘coz you’re only supposed to see the suit on ROM day right? But I can show you a pic of Verona taking his measurements before the suit was made, keke! See below; can you spot me?

A short writeup on T&V, from Travel:

Opened 2 years ago by sisters Tuyen Tran and Vy Tran (who anglicized their names to Tricia and Verona to convey their Western sense of style), the store’s crisp white walls, low lacquer tables and contemporary light fixtures make it feel more like a boutique than a workshop. Specialties include wool coats (from $80), slacks (from $30), and muslin tops (from $17). There’s also a selection of off-the-rack items that can be copied, fitted or adapted. The average turnaround time is two days, including fittings. 39 Dong Du St., D1, 011-84/8-824-4556.

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Time to Shop and Sightsee.. finally!

Our very very long awaited HCM trip is finally drawing close.. yay!

It’s a very short trip with a very big agenda.. hmm. What we wanna give you @ our ROM 就靠这个了。I really hope to be able to find some very unique favours! Yuan also wants to make a suit, possibly for the ROM, so very tight schedule ah..

Besides that, we also need to visit some places of interest right! Places I am extremely interested to go to include the Cu Chi tunnels and War Remnants Museum.. keke. Think our itinerary (which Yuan has tasked me to plan) will most certainly be packed like sardines..

Dear All, if you’ve been to HCM (which many of you have), and you have the itinerary, pls send to me ya! Else, just tell me some good shopping areas and the must-trys ok. 10q you! *wink*

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Of Invites and Favours

Just got arrowed by Yuan to do a prototype for the e-invite by tomorrow!?!

We have only just decided to do it the electronic way after weeks of brainstorming, craft shop visiting and online research (haha abit exaggerated). Reason being, we’ve decided to channel more efforts into other aspects of the wedding such as the FAVOURS, guestbook, my ROM dress, etc. etc. So do look out for it in your inbox some day (hopefully soon!!!) =P

If you ask me, I think searching for suitable and unique favours is really fun! Going to look for a variety so that everyone can pick something they like (not sure if that’s possible ‘tho ‘coz we’ll be wrapping them up hahaha..)

But don’t worry my Dears.. will point you out to the one that you may like =D

That’s all for now.. mua is going to prepare to go to work soon.. *yawn*

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