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GDL & Other Updates

Been soooo busy that I missed my weekly blog update on Sun, can you imagine! -_-”

My naughty sister was warded last Wed at TTSH after 3 days of persistent on-off high fever, & she only got discharged yester (15th Nov) =/ The good thing is, she was actually in-time for our GDL in the afternoon, & even played an impt role – the photographer cum videographer! Heh. Very glad that she’s fine now.. nothing really is more impt than good health.. hospitals & docs are scary >_<

 I took leave on Fri the 13th (I love the #13 btw) for some SERIOUS shopping (actually the primary aim was to get the jiemei gifts), & I finally had the chance to explore the entire Ion Orchard on my own! My verdict –> the more interesting levels to me are just the MRT basement level & perhaps the one above. Still need to check out the usual shops @ Wisma and Taka leh..

Right now it’s back to work, work, work. I wish I had infinite leave like some of my colleagues so that I can take leave from now to prepare for the wedding.. stressed! Picture updates below for you..


Haha! Yuanyuan’s here wif the GDL stuff from the Groom’s side


The above are the GDL stuff from our side


Must exchange oranges & give back 1/2 of most of the other items.. haha


This shot is nice but.. what is Yuan’s hand doing on my head!


Now Yuanyuan & matchmaker Auntie will leave with the GDL stuff from my side.. keke.

wedding shoes_pazzion

Woo! Finally chose my wedding shoes, in what else but sparkly ribbons ;D


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There’re more and more tasks to be completed, with shorter deadlines as we close in on the big day! -_-” Although we’ve been doing bit pieces all along, but it’s not enuff leh – progress still seems too slow! =/

Food tasting was last Sun, and I must say I was pretty happy wif the Libai food (just need to talk to them on some minor adjustments). I harboured the thought of showing you the pics (I painstakenly took photos of every dish) but I guess it’s better for you to be surprised! Hee.

And my parents requested for the wedding cakes early (instead of giving at the GDL day) so we just ordered loads of cake from Choz, and will be giving out this weekend.. quite early eh, but it’s good to settle this part la >_< this RSVP part is really the most siong..

And I guess we have to clear up our rooms pretty soon for the wedding! Have to start moving the bulk of my stuff over (starting with the clothes and books) & slowly all the rubbish.. argh.. dunno where to ‘hide’ them in the new house man..

Oh yes.. and Yuan bought my 四点钻 le.. woo hoo! It’s from Lee Hwa. =D

Some pics, as usual (waiting for some more nice pics from Ann’s camera!):

food tasting_signage

Food tasting @ Garnet Room =)

food tasting_grp photo

Our set of parents plus my naughter sister & Soonsoon.


Haha my nice velvety pink and black hangers.. =P I bought 100 of these :O

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Happy B’day Hubby!

Haha there’s so much to update until I dunno where to start! =) First of all, wanna wish Hubby a very happy 30th B’day! Oops.. no more in your 20s le.. sob =P

And this is a very very siong time for me ‘coz Hubby’s chinese b’day was just 2 days ago (on Fri) -_-” So you can imagine that I was busy cooking again.. alamak.. have been busy in the kitchen quite alot recently.

After Ling-er’s housewarming on Sat, Yuan & I went to Golden Happiness @ Katong Shopping Centre to finally check out the GDL items =) Bought a whole package of cute traditional items like the spittoon, washing basin, sewing kit, baby bath tub, etc. etc. (all part of my dowry) and managed to find the tea set I like too (saw it on Her World Brides last time) from the shop! Hee!

It’s amazing how fast things move these days/ decisions are made ‘coz we also settled Mummy’s clothes for the banquet & bought our sheets for the bed on Sat – do you know that we’ve been finding our sheets for MONTHS w/o being able to make a decision but yesterday, it was just like “Hmm it’s nice. Let’s buy it”. Wahaha.. the ticking clock sure speeds decisions up.. =D

And oh yes, Mum’s dress is from Daniel Yan.. I sure hope she continues to like it =) I also took alot of pics to record the above devts! =) See below..

golden happiness

The very traditional looking GDL shop.. haha..


Check out all these items! So many leh, but it’s not all.. the bath tub, wash basin & spittoon, etc. are all from the mandarin duck series =P


New sheets! =D


New luggage we bought for the honeymoon.. =)

longevity noodles

OK! This is Yuan’s longevity noodle cooked by his wife.. looks good eh.

breakfast_yuan bday

Haha! This is breakfast cooked by Yuan this morn.


Err.. a simple B’day dinner wif Yuan today at this Jap-Italian restaurant @ Liang Court.. the waiter’s photography skills CMI la..

yuan bday_not looking

Haa Yuan & the Puddings & his fav cake Coco Exotic! See the darlings not very shang2 lian3 ah.. looking away wahaha.

yuan bday_looking

Haha after some persuasion..

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