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I had wanted to blog about this right after lunch – when I saw this article – but was distracted by WORK (haha, which is distracting which har? =P)

The article on the Matterhorn on 我报 brought back fond memories of Switz, & the huge photo of the Matterhorn at the middle was really captivating! Really reminds me of all the beautiful snow-capped mountains we saw at Switz. . =) How could we have missed seeing the Matterhorn when it’s soooooooooo beautiful!?! Urgh. Apparently the author of the article was able to see the Matterhorn from his hotel room in Zermatt. Lucky bastard. And I thought our view was good becoz we could see a few mountains from our balcony! -_-”

Not too sure if this is considered a ‘regret’ but it certainly presents a reason for us to go back to Switz, & specifically Zermatt again! =P The question is when. Hmm. The next time round, I will really want to take the Gornergrat up to see the Matterhorn in all its glory (not from below ah). The same goes for Mr Fuji, whom we failed to see at Hakone, sob sob (2 persons I checked wif who’ve been to Hakone said they saw Mr Fuji ahhhhhh =( )

Hee that’s all for my short & sweet post. Everybody should go to Switz at least once in their lives la! =D


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Honeymoon Book Completed!

Finally.. we can somewhat close the honeymoon chapter after doing up the honeymoon book.. YAY! After dragging my feet for some months I finally started the arduous process of selecting and editing the pics in Photoshop, then formatting all the chosen pics in the coffee-table book format. Pu was also wif me when I was beginning to do the formatting.. sometimes I carried her in one hand while adjusting the layout =)

So.. it’s finally completed, & we collected the book yester! 😀 We did it @ Just 1 Book (the one Ann used for her ROM book) & found it not too bad actually.. software’s pretty easy to use & service’s really prompt. Am pleased!!!

And yep, have also included two shots of our corridor photowall below.. for the benefit of my colleagues who have been wondering (aloud) why I have been developing photos SOOOOO frequently! Hahaha. Check it out man. Of ‘coz there are photographs in other places which you can see when you come la. Hopefully we can pin down a housewarming date soon =P

Haa.. the book in its grey fabric cover! We added the fabric rose ourselves.

Some of my fav spreads in the book.. starting with the picturesque Venice

Rome was not too bad either

The colours in these lovely Paris subway shots are a good contrast with the black

The first spread I did.. romantic Louvre..

Ooh! Yuan & his fav colour of all time!

Haa.. of ‘coz the Switz spreads are a fav.. gorgeous whites =)

Also wrote just a bit la to intro the next country.. *wink*

Check out our photo wall above! Hee. Yuan & I 百看不厌!

View from the other side. Btw this is supposed to be a wall of FUNNY photos! 😛

Last but not least – last Sat’s brunch! No time to cook anything of any sort this week..

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Useful Mini Toaster

We’re still in the process of discovering what the oven toaster can (still) do, & I was pleasantly surprised to find out 2 weeks ago that it can be used to cook chicken wings.. yay! All thanks to Elly Dear for her yummy recipe =D, check out what we had for lunch this weekend -a really ‘snacky’ sort of lunch, hahaha..

Sat lunch all cooked wif the oven toaster! (Clockwise) Sunshine pizza (seafood), my 拿手bacon wif asparagus/ enoki & chicken mid-wings! =)

Today’s lunch. He cooked the mee (wif the pot of ‘coz) & I made the cheesy-chix sausages wif cherry tomatoes & crabsticks in addition to yesters’ chicken wings & bacon wraps.

Close-up of the food. So colourful! =D

It’s amazing that we can still find time to cook when so much time is actually spent on the Darlings. Another update – I’m finally finding the time to edit the pics for our Honeymoon Photobook! Hope that milestone can be completed in the not too long future. =)

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Lack of Updates here (blame the teevee)

Yep, the teevee (& also drama serials) must be the most one kind invention of all time, with evil intentions to command our utmost attention & render all our intended work undone. You are bad!

As a consequence of being an extremely innocent victim to this purpose, my dear fren came to me today & asked if I am still watching Korean dramas, ‘coz the blog seems neglected.. oopsy! Yep I know.. the blog has nv been left on its own for no good reason, the last being the honeymoon =P

Well well, actually I could just go on & on about all the updates! Following the wedding & honeymoon, we need to develop photos for ppl/ treat some ppl/ blog on everything/ do up the honeymoon photobook (wedding-related tasks) & nurture my plants/ play wif the darlings/ finalise configuration of new home/ plan for housewarming/ prepare for CNY (house-related tasks).. the list seems endless! Then of ‘coz the time is scarce ‘coz I am not taitai mah.. sob sob. So everyday only can do 一点点.. keke.

And yep, we’ve collected the video (sans express highlights – hey wea is it?), as well as photo album from Wu. While it was with total regret that we choose that company for our video, luckily the pics from Wu turned up really nice! Candid as I like, & he’s a really nice person =D

I thought you may also like to know that I bought 2 new cushion covers at 50% discount from C.A.M @ Robinsons today again =P They’re in my evening gown colours – I heart! I am totally addicted to C.A.M.. can browse there for hours (err.. ‘tho the section is actually v small.. hahaha!)

They made cushion covers with my gown

Oh ya, & I am also growing chilli @ the balcony now! May they grow up healthily wif the help of the Home Fix organic fertilizer that I bought yester. Haha!

Kiasu me sowed way toooo many seeds.

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Happy 2010!

First of all, here’s wishing all our dear frens a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 has come too soon eh (or rather, the holidays have ended too soon -_-“)

Yuan & I were speculating that 99% of the working population must be experiencing Monday blues today – except for the siao 1% who cannot wait to return to work.. kekeke. And it doesn’t help that the weather was so good/ cool this morning! Sob. Pupu & Dingding are such lucky fellas =)

And yep, we’ve collected the video & softcopy of the AD photos over the weekend, woo hoo! So you can probably expect upcoming blog entries in the following order, packed wif lots of exciting pics:


  • Morning preps
  • Gatecrashing
  • Banquet preps/ Tea ceremony
  • Banquet


  • France (Paris)
  • Switz (Geneva, Zermatt, Berne, Interlaken (& Jungfraujoch), Mt Titlis, Lucerne)
  • Italy (Milan, Pisa, Florence, Chianti, Rome, Vatican City)

Haha it’s gg to be a busy time blogging for us! And we still have our holiday photobook to do & dozens of photos to develop for ppl, etc. It’s a great way to occupy our time! =)

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We’re Back!

Helloz everyone & MERRY MERRY X’MAS! We’re back from the honeymoon, & I can finally sit down to write this entry with our new internet connection at the new house that just got activated this morning! 😉

The last post was on 安床 – didn’t realise it was so long ago & I think we must have been toooo busy in the last few days leading up to the wedding to blog.. =) I recall the last 3 days being a mad rush to confirm the table arrangement, emcee script, etc.. and my own speech was only scribbled onto a piece of paper the night before the wedding at 11pm! Haha!

The wedding took place without any major hiccups & we’re grateful for that =D Many thanks to all the bros and sisters for being part of that day & we really appreciate your company & help – catch up with you soon! Not to forget the quartet who presented the lovely item at the banquet – thank you & we owe you a treat! =D The next day, it was yet another mad rush to return the gown/ suit, bank in money, pay money, visit both side families before jetting off.. so hectic! Now that all this is over.. we can slowly adjust into our new lives – a truly exciting one with Pupu Dingding to love every day. Hee!

Wu’s meeting us to pass us the photos next week – we’re eagerly awaiting! And the video should be ready by 6 Jan. Honeymoon photos are numerous & we should be blogging about it separately. =) Meanwhile, let me show you a couple of fav pics from the trip. We found Switz the most breathtaking..

Our first encounter with snow was in Zermatt. It was such a lovely place!

@ the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch at -19 deg..

Haha.. on the way down from Jungfraujoch.. it was snowing!

Gorgeous pic of the snow mountains enroute to Mt Titlis for ski lessons. So beautiful..

More pics to come in later entries *mental note to myself not to be lazy* Check out this video of us ski-ing (uploaded by our friend from the tour) =P:

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29 Day Countdown to AD/ 1 Mth Countdown to Honeymoon

Woo.. the countdown is getting exciting becoz it’s down to the final 29 days! *stressed* I’m still struggling to settle the tasks on my list one by one, as much as I can do each day. Check out the latest below..

Our Angpao Box

angpao box1

Made wif crystal wedding bear couple, white fluff, fabric flowers, pearls, pearl string, swarovski crystals & ribbons.. nice mah? =P

close up1



Side view

Our Guestbook


The cover, adorned with swarovski crystals & flower beads! =) Love this guestbook becoz it guides ppl to write meaningful things. 


First inner page..


Second inner page..


X’mas lightings are up sooo early this year! Wanna shop for our very own first X’mas tree =D


Hee.. & I still think the view from the balcony (particularly this scene at dusk) is gorgeous. Heh.

ikea buys

Hohoho.. check out all our buys from IKEA yesterday (much of the remaining stuff we need for our new house). There you’ll find the cardboard boxes, ironing board, bedside table, quilt, sheets, GDL lamps (improvised), bin & others.. the cost of building up a new home is &^&$%&#$%..!!!

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