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What a Sunday..

We FINALLY dragged our feet to the vet’s today (after 1 day of procrastination). We really hate visiting the vet! =(

What to do.. is there a choice? Can we not bring her? Guess not, after noticing her difficulty in eating as compared to before. It’s really helplessly heartbreaking.. urrgggghhh.

As much as it is stressful for her, we felt terribly stressed too. Vet clinics always seem so threatening for pets with the unfamiliar vets & cold table & scary tools.. I cringed when they pryed open her mouth to check out the swell =(((((((((((((

Well ok, we’re supposed to observe her for at most 3 days before bringing her back to the vet for a look/ decision on what to do next. But becoz she’s not eating well already, we’ll probably bring her back tml for the procedure to remove the abscess bah.. won’t do her much good to drag on.. =/

Please wish us lots of luck & pray for our little baby k? Really love her alot.. can’t do w/o this sweet baby of mine..

Check out some pics Yuan took of her yester in the balcony.. you can’t really see the abscess but that nasty thing is @ her lower left jaw. =(

Wah! Cute sexy pose!


愈加高手 ^^

Pang says I look bit different now ‘coz of the expanded jawline =(

I promised Pang & Yuan I’ll be strong though! I’ll be back!

– – – – – – – – – –

Cheng’s family also came by today, as scheduled. 大象 was lovely & eloquent as usual and continued to insist she’s not 小豆豆。。哈哈。It was a nice & relaxing session where we were v much entertained by 大象’s cute antics. Check out the photo updates below! =)

(Clockwise) Yuan’s potato salad platter wif grapes & shiroi koibito, old longhouse popiah (Cheng likes!) & the absolutely yummy Peony Jade organic pandan snowskin maoshanwang durian mooncake (all likes!)

Hee.. who’s making the “笑嘻嘻“?


Nice pic! =)

Oops.. Cheng’s helper looks bored.

Hee.. we must take a pic in her fav pose!


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Housewarming Series (Cont’d)

More on the housewarming series – we’ve had quite many guests in the past week! =D Actually I had wanted to blog earlier (perhaps during a weekday) but was just too bogged down wif work to do so *sulks* I hate fussing over work after the working hours! =(

Sophia & Elaine dropped by for yet another of the lunch date cum house visit series on 29/6.. haa. It was a nice & relaxing lunch – plus I got to see Ding on a weekday pm! Hee.. happy happy.

Ling-er & Hubby dropped by yester for a visit too, & also to pass us their housewarming gift from Russia – a set of pretty Russian dolls & absolutely yummy chocs (actually we haven’t eaten but they sure look yummy! :P)

Haa.. the last doll’s really small..

Such pretty packaging!

Finally, the private dinner wif dear Muisee & Bali (and their spouses, & Jingjie) was scheduled in the evening. Didn’t cook la, ‘coz was so scared of the mess! Haa. It’s the first time they’ve visited since the wedding.. =)

Dinner spread =)

No points for guessing the theme! Haa!

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‘Housewarming’ House Visit

Still part of the housewarming series (haha, before the enthusiasm dies off), I brought two colleagues back to Toa Payoh Lor 7 for a lunch date & house visit today! =D And to 顺便看看我的丁丁,哈!

After a very very detailed tour, we also had time to enjoy some dessert & to take some cheki hee.

Our guests for the day, Inderjit & Vasanthi! =)

Ding was a good host too, accompanying me on the tour and later, entertaining the guests to the max wif her adorable antics! =D

One mmt she’s awake, the next mmt she’s kooning! Baby, the wheel’s for you to exercise!

Hee.. Baby has sixth sense.. =D

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Housewarming Tea Party, 12 Jun 10

After so so so so long, we finally got down to having our first housewarming tea party esp. for COT/ CNB & more! =)

I guess it was better late than never har =P Check out the swanky e-invite!

And the theme was.. STRIPES haha, in line wif all our themed Fridays. So fun! Food was semi-catered; we also prepared some. We ate, had a best-dressed contest segment, took photos, played Taboo, watched a movie & chatted! It was most enjoyable. =)

Check out the numerous pics below! =D

Lily took such gorgeous pics of the food! =D

(From left) The stuff from Lee Wee & Brothers, Kuey Pie Tee DIY from Old Long House Popiah; our very own bacon wraps & our very own dual-choc fondue wif fruit shapes & marshmallows! ;D (Not in photo: Mummy’s chix curry wif baguette)

Some of the guests digging in..

Until we decided to commence our Best-Dressed contest for the theme! Haha. And the top prize went to..

The mother-and-son duo of Sim Wee & Elias!!! Check out Elias’ horizontal & vertical stripes & their striped prize keke.

Worthy opponent & runner-up Debi & Doggie also not bad la!

“Time for some photos! Ah, but I couldn’t stop myself from munching on that marshmallow.”

Before proceeding to the balcony to roll my train on the windmill ‘track’

The gals! (From left) Vasanthi, Sim Wee, Pants, Lily, Qiwan, Elly, me, Debi & Cally. (missing Ruth & Chloe who had left already)

The guys! (From left) Stanley & Jedi, Mel, Pallai, Yueheng & Yuan. (missing Stewie who had gone home and Elias (gone to see Ding?!))

Haa my beloved Cheki is a hit in any party!

Last but not least.. the lovely gifts we received. Thank you Guys! =D

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