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The Wedding Rehearsal

Went to Sheraton for our banquet rehearsal today, & am happy! (am always happy to go to Sheraton haa).

The guitarists cum songstresses went for the rehearsal too, & they bo bian got to let us hear them rehearsing ‘coz we’re ALWAYS in the ballroom.. kekeke. It was such a lovely ensemble of songs & I really enjoyed watching them rehearse. To Lily, Andrea & Steven: please do not stress! No matter what 我们都会很喜欢你们的演出! =)

We met our banquet coordinator too & he was rather nice. Briefed us on the champagne pouring, cake cutting and march-in, etc. but all was theoretical.. I thought we’ll get to rehearse the march-in! Alamak.. that day nv walk in gracefully how? Hehehe.

Btw.. I’m on leave from tml onwards so am in a VERY good mood. As usual, pics below yeah.

Hmm.. the lace accessory I chose for my hair, probably for the morning 造型 =)

Everybody watching them rehearse – Lily is also singing! & she was soooo naughty to sing “ba tou yao yao” song.. Yuan looked at her & then me wif disbelief. Wahaha.

& you see that fake cake? I was enquiring abt the gold themed one (if any) and Valerie said it’s in ICU.. bleah. So yes, we’re cutting this cake =)

Hee.. close-up pic of the gals! Pardon the poor quality (lighting not enuff) but they still look damn cool! 😉


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Photo Update

Oooh! More photo updates.. =D

food tasting with ann and mum

Haha.. this was from food tasting that time.. =)

trial makeup

Eh.. trial makeup was just yesterday (Sun). Realised that bridal makeup really is quite standard.. always piling on loads of fake lashes and eye makeup. So the hairdo is the one that makes all the difference! (Side note: I’m glad that the makeup is quite natural)


Finally, as promised, have bought the frames for our mothers! (have been sitting on this for some time =P)


Finally, new PJs for the wedding day from La Senza.. yummy cupcakes! Haa!

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More Buys..

Hmm. Hubby & I have been spending ALOT of $$ everytime we go out.. oops. Today, we went to the Marina Sq/ Suntec area & bought lots of stuff again.. wahaha. See below:


These are lanterns from Barang Barang, for our balcony. There’s 40% off all furnitures, and 1-for-1 for all accessories at the shop! =D


Then, at Suntec I bought all the above stuff from Fancl to prepare myself for the pre-wedding shoot.. keke. Have got to use them religiously, drink lots and lots of water and most importantly, zzz early!


Yoo Hoo! And we finally bought our Karlsson Magic Forest clock with 2 birds, 2 monkeys and 3 butterflies.. haa. (Note to Hubby: But I still want the Karlsson Hamster clock leh..)

Last but not least.. a very happy B’day to my dear Daddy! =D

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Super busy day

It has been a terribly busy day for both of us, even more so for Yuan ‘coz he still had to do his demo @ school in the morning!

And it’s the first time I spent 5 HRS @ a manicure salon. ‘Tho Yuan said I’m relaxing, but I think it’s still too long liao la.. haha. Now, it looks as if I have a forest growing on my thumbnail HAHAHA!

Presenting.. the most gorgeous nails I’ve ever had – I absolutely love the orchids! ;D Worth the 5 hrs? =P

Before the manicure session, we rushed to Far East Flora to collect the petals and buy some fresh flowers for deco. After the session, we rushed back home after dinner to make the fresh flowers decor for the chairs. Siong ah! Check out pics below:

The fresh flower decor for chairs @ solemnisation table..

Keke.. my hand bouquet – pink flowers, must have hydrangea & greens, and with brown satin ribbon (my requirements to Jac, our florist! =P)

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Wella 4, 6

Spent $$ today again @ Sunny’s! Hmm. Wedding is really all about $$ ya.. your place, dress, makeup, hair, flowers, etc. etc..

I told Sunny I’m sick of the original colour and requested to re-highlight. He gave me Wella 4, 6 which essentially is dark brown + maroon (not unlike colour of rust).. err.. =P

Am not very used to it but am happee to have darker hair, after so long! =)

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Trial Makeup & Hairdo

Went for my trial makeup & hairdo today, and it was really fun! Also met Dana for the first time & found her really nice & warm.. =P I sorta left the makeup part up to her recommendation while I chose my desired hairdo.. hee.. not many complaints about the makeup part just that I found it really thick – is this the norm..??? Hmm.. maybe I should tell her to tone it down abit..

As for the hair, I’m happy! Have not actually decided on which hair accessory to use so she’ll be bringing a few on the ROM day. See the different accessories below. Can give me your feedback if any ok.

Eh.. ribbon wif flower. Sweeet. =)

This may actually go better wif my dress due to the shiny part. Hmm.


This is not likely to be used (hairband wif flower). Yuan said first 2 better! =P

Hee.. how it looks from the back. =)

That’s Dana and me and her makeup studio. Nice studio in her house! =D

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Pretty hairdos

Since my trial makeup and hairdo is coming up real soon (13 Sep), I decided to identify some of Dana’s hairdos which I like better & realised they all have 1 thing in common – they’re all wavy/curly, haa! Think waves are just so romantic and pretty and I’ve gotta have them! Check out my favourites below:

The gals are just so pretty hor? I also like Dana’s accessories very much.. the sweet stuff she puts on their hair. Really nice. =)

Will be discussing my desired makeup and hairdo with her based on my ROM dress & accessories. I’m so excited! Just don’t know whether I’ll look nice ‘coz I’ll still be having a very red eye with a terrible dot. Sad!

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