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Unhealthy eye 2

Went back to see Dr James again today and guess wat, the fella had grown slightly bigger..! >_<

And for some reason, they’re also some tiny spots appearing around the ulcer.. damn. What is happening?

Anyways, he has discarded yesterday’s prescription (waste of $) and put me on a total new course of antibiotics; specifically, 2 new eyedrops to be administered 1/2 hour apart on an hourly basis for 24 hours, which means, I don’t need to zzz today!?! (Mum says that’s nonsense.. wahahahaha!)

And I’ve got to head to TTSH tml morning again @ 9am for a review.. urgh.. kill me..

And yep, I reluctantly rescheduled my trial makeup and hairdo to a week later (13 Sep) ‘coz no point la. I’ll probably look TERRIBLE tml and I guess eye makeup, fake eyelashes, etc. will aggravate the condition..

I have to repeat – how UNTIMELY this is! Shit!


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Must say preparations have been rather smooth ‘coz I managed to book the makeup artist Dana today!!! *beams*

Eh.. am considered lucky ‘coz I was not very conscientious in contacting her (do you hear grumbles by Yuan in the background?) hahaha..

Anyways, she’s the only one I saw (Yuan found her blog on S’pore Brides) and after looking at her portfolio, I think she’s good for me.. the makeup, hairdo, accessories etc etc. She’s from Taiwan and I kinda like her style, very romantic & trendy.. =D

Hope she’ll be able to do up a very pretty & romantic look for me! =) Looking forward to meeting up with her.. hee.

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