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Our Date @ USS without Baby

Decided to take a break and enjoy ourselves without the company of Baby Zachary.

USS is the destination, since we haven’t been there for a while and we also wanted to try those exciting new rides.

First ride to start the day – Transformer The Ride. Wow. We love this sooo much that we went 3 rounds on Evac!!!

Transformer Ride

Getting Ready..

Transformer Ride

Photo with Evac


Next up is Battlestar Galactica, we started with Human then Cylon.

Battlestar Galactica

These are the 2 rides that we haven’t got a chance to ride.

We also took the new ride for kids – sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

And Of course a photo with the chubby cookie monster.

Cookie Monster

Taking a break to recharge.


Coffee @ Hollywood street.


After this is the rest of the rides were Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4D, Enchanted Airways, Canopy Flyer, Lights, Camera, Action!

And lastly the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.




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11-Oct-2010 @ USS

Thanks 老婆 for planning my birthday celebration @ USS.
And we both really enjoyed ourself there altho we’re both dead tired at the end of the day.

We reached USS @ 11am. We planned to reach by 10am but both of us are really too tired after Ryan & Justina’s wedding the previous day.

2nd time here, but first time gg in as first visit USS is not opened yet.

Dear with her hat from Nippon.


Our first ride for the day, Revenge of the Mummy! We rush to this ride first as this is one of the main attraction ride. Queue time is 5min and we went for it twice and once more in the afternoon. Great time to go as it is not very crowded. Exam period is good. 🙂


After the Mummy ride, we headed to the Lost World – Jurassic Park.  We took the Canopy ride (twice) first, follow by the Rapid Adventure and manage to catch the Water World show @ 2pm.

This is the only ride that we queued for 50 mins, and we truely regretted not getting the poncho – my jeans is toally wet.

Water world. Both of us enjoyed the show alot. And luckily we are not in the soak zone.

Before the show start.

They are damn funny.

After the show. we headed back to Hollywood street – Mel drive in for our lunch.

The lunch is so-so only. Dun really like it and the service is very slow.

After lunch, we headed to Madagascar followed by the Far Far Away land. Nothing much in Madagascar land, we did took the King Julien’s Party carousel cos there too much time too little rides.

Us queueing up for the Enchanted Airway and Gingerbread man is manning the booth.

Shrek 4D  Adventure. Again no queue at all.

USS is really small, after far far away land we had covered almost all the interesting rides. So we roam around the park and retake some of the rides.

Us back at Revenge of The Mummy.

Photo taking time @ USS.

Bye bye USS. We will be back.

Dinner was @ RWS – Ramen Play. Dear actually plan to have dinner @ vivo city but we were too tired.


Their chef recommend Ramen. Not bad.

My 31st Birthday Cake. 🙂

Lastly pic of the day. Can spot us. We took this ride 3 times and the other 2 photos are much nicer (there one i even did a twist) but dear insist on this photo. 😦
18 bucks for this photo is abit overpriced, i dun see much people ordering. They should lower to 10 bucks and i’m sure more people will get it.

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Yuan found this Lomo app on his iPhone which I thot is quite cool! You can use it in place of the normal camera app & all the pics will have a vintage & nicely-contrasted feel. Looks v pro also. NICE. =D

That said, do check out some of the recent pics below =)

Finally got to try The Hand Burger @ 313 for our 4-yr-1-mth anniversary dinner =) I would give them 8/10 for aesthetics but maybe only 6.5/10 for taste.

Dunno why but the tea-smoked duck wasn’t like what I imagined it to be at all..

Yuan’s The Works burger is not too bad ‘tho. It’s like mixed grill in a burger, everything also have.. hehe.

Woo.. finally a nice Nutella by-product! I may just go back for this Nutella & marshmallows milk shake =)


Oh and did I mention that I really like the decor too. This would be my dream kitchen cabinet.. haa.

Check this out! Lovely key holder from Leonard (for X’mas) which we decided to use as a gardening tools holder in the balcony. So lovely!

Last but not least.. me in my latest hairstyle! Keke!

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AD – Pre-Banquet & Tea Ceremony

Numerous, numerous pics below so I’ll just blog as I post the photos =D

Daddy doing the red umbrella thing =)

Enroute to Yuan’s home.. love the vibrant colours in this pic

.. & the contrast in this.

Leaving again for our new home

Look who we’ve got here! =D

Check out their adorable faces

Our framed x-stitch.. hehe.

Eugene enjoying the bed-rolling experience


My dear 姐妹s & I..

Yuan’s bros & him

Pre-banquet preps – the start of the new make-up & hairdo

Love the grainy effect in this pic, & of ‘coz the gorgeous nail art

Close-up =D

Almost done

Check out the rest who were undergoing works, too! 😉

Tea ceremony @ Pearl Room (to Yuan’s parents)

Serving tea to my parents

The family portraits =)

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Lack of Updates here (blame the teevee)

Yep, the teevee (& also drama serials) must be the most one kind invention of all time, with evil intentions to command our utmost attention & render all our intended work undone. You are bad!

As a consequence of being an extremely innocent victim to this purpose, my dear fren came to me today & asked if I am still watching Korean dramas, ‘coz the blog seems neglected.. oopsy! Yep I know.. the blog has nv been left on its own for no good reason, the last being the honeymoon =P

Well well, actually I could just go on & on about all the updates! Following the wedding & honeymoon, we need to develop photos for ppl/ treat some ppl/ blog on everything/ do up the honeymoon photobook (wedding-related tasks) & nurture my plants/ play wif the darlings/ finalise configuration of new home/ plan for housewarming/ prepare for CNY (house-related tasks).. the list seems endless! Then of ‘coz the time is scarce ‘coz I am not taitai mah.. sob sob. So everyday only can do 一点点.. keke.

And yep, we’ve collected the video (sans express highlights – hey wea is it?), as well as photo album from Wu. While it was with total regret that we choose that company for our video, luckily the pics from Wu turned up really nice! Candid as I like, & he’s a really nice person =D

I thought you may also like to know that I bought 2 new cushion covers at 50% discount from C.A.M @ Robinsons today again =P They’re in my evening gown colours – I heart! I am totally addicted to C.A.M.. can browse there for hours (err.. ‘tho the section is actually v small.. hahaha!)

They made cushion covers with my gown

Oh ya, & I am also growing chilli @ the balcony now! May they grow up healthily wif the help of the Home Fix organic fertilizer that I bought yester. Haha!

Kiasu me sowed way toooo many seeds.

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AD – Gatecrashing

Oh dear, I found my progress wif the blogging on the AD impeded by some (Korean) distractions, & it’s really difficult to step out! Addictions, addictions and how potent they are =P

But today’s a surprisingly nice short working day & I must grab the opportunity to blog on one of my fav segments of the wedding – the Gatecrashing! Here goes =D

Arrival of the convoy, early as promised =)

Small Kenneth opens the door for big Kenneth =)

My “阵容强大”的姐妹团, led by Theng. Haha!

Task #1: Wearing of Tiara. Difficulty rating = 1/5

Task #2: Which is your fav day from Mon to Sun = determines your choice of stylish moustache of the day.. haha. From the looks of it, difficulty rating shld be 3/5 ‘coz everyone kept fiddling with it all the time!

Adjusting the moustache..

I ain’t liking Yuan’s ‘hum sup lo’ image.. haha.

Nel’s ‘Sat’ moustache suited him ‘tho! Hehe!

Along the way, Jerome also had to put on ‘long-lasting’ lip gloss. Poor guy..

Bali checks out the first angpao of the day

Not too pleased (wif the angpao), the guys are given their next task (actually pleased also like that =P). Task #2: To write a poem starting wif the letters of my name. Difficulty level (i.e. judging from what I watched from the video) = 5/5. *Shake head*

After watching the video, I realised Yuan did not come up with a single word, let alone poem! *growl* All he did was turn to his bros for the answers!!! >_<

Task #3: Yuan to dance with his signature moves to 3 songs, bros to accompany. Difficulty level = 3.5/5. Photog didn’t take any pics of this, prolly ‘coz Yuan danced in quick bursts? Haha.

2nd angpao = bogus check which was promptly thrown out by the 姐妹s. They ain’t letting you in w/o cold, hard cash lor!

That’s better..

Ok ok, finally on the way in, after choosing the right key =P

Shagged out even before Task #4! Haha. It’s very simple actually – to manage to extract some hairs using the plasters (difficulty level = 1/5)! So benevolent hor =D


Task #5.. finally! Not very difficult la, just eating some bittergourd & wasabi only =P Difficulty level = 3.5/5.

Wah! Found Cocky so soon! =D Yuan looks happy to see Cocky.

Are those tears that I see in your eyes?

Red-faced Nel

姐妹s laughing very happily.. hee.

And also are rather pleased wif the final angpao

Finally can come in liao!

Lovely end to the Gatecrashing segment =)

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AD – Morning Preps

Shall blog ‘thru pics for this! Read on.. =D

– – – – – – – – –

I only managed to zzz at 12 plus the night before! Xian. & that was after I barely managed to scribble something coherent on a piece of paper for the speech, at 11 plus.. *stressed*

You see my make-up artist above (Mico; the one on the left). I woke up at 3.15am, becoz she said they will arrive at 4pm >_< In the end, they only arrived at 4.30pm.. bleah. And my bed wasn’t so messy before they came! =)

Make-up done. I like this shot alot becoz my features look symmetrical – normally my right eye looks slightly smaller I think! 😉

Err.. hairdo is taking shape. How do I tell her that I didn’t like the braids so much after all? I didn’t..

My bridal gown! Love the feathery shoulder.

My wedding shoes! Love the crystal ribbons.

Donning the bridal jewellery from Yuan..

All ready! But what’s with this coy shot? Haha..

The arrival of my lovely 姐妹s – Theng was the earliest, at 6am sharp! =D Lots of discussion & recap on how to ‘zheng’ Yuan & his bros =P

Prep time. Haha.. this is the stylish moustache collection from River Island. Stylish indeed! =D

“I LOVE YOU” plasters made by Theng & Ann in place of wax strips.. we’re soooo lenient leh!

Muisee, Bali & Angie made this poem board v pretty.. pity I didn’t get to keep it. =/

‘Yummy’ & pretty breakfast prepared by Tao & Elly. Thanks Elly for preparing all the ingredients, Huikoon for the coffee (Yuan said it’s v nice leh!) & the 姐妹s for eating Big Breakfast to get the boxes! Haha!

This is the 盖头纱 part, shortly before Yuan arrives. Thereafter I’m not supposed to lift the veil up until he does =D

Have come to the end of Part I. Stay tuned for Part II on the gatecrashing games!!! Hee.

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