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Some subtle updating

Oh my how I’ve neglected this blog!!! :S Wasn’t meant to be, but nowadays FB seemed the easier platform to use to update on our stuff/ pics, etc.

Did some subtle updating can you spot the difference?


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Our Date @ USS without Baby

Decided to take a break and enjoy ourselves without the company of Baby Zachary.

USS is the destination, since we haven’t been there for a while and we also wanted to try those exciting new rides.

First ride to start the day – Transformer The Ride. Wow. We love this sooo much that we went 3 rounds on Evac!!!

Transformer Ride

Getting Ready..

Transformer Ride

Photo with Evac


Next up is Battlestar Galactica, we started with Human then Cylon.

Battlestar Galactica

These are the 2 rides that we haven’t got a chance to ride.

We also took the new ride for kids – sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

And Of course a photo with the chubby cookie monster.

Cookie Monster

Taking a break to recharge.


Coffee @ Hollywood street.


After this is the rest of the rides were Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4D, Enchanted Airways, Canopy Flyer, Lights, Camera, Action!

And lastly the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.



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What a wonderfully spontaneous day!

Sooo, we can still be spontaneous 😀

‘tho nowhere as free as last time when we could just book a trip on a Fri for a Sat holiday 🙂

Had a v enjoyable day wif the Hubby, sans baby (oops). ‘tho I must qualify that many of the activities were about the baby, as usual 🙂

The Hubby & I had not hung out for soooo long on our own for any 1 day, & I really appreciated that!

Brekkie @ Mac’s

Check out Ykids

Check out Raffles House Preschool

Drinks @ Toastbox

Check out Nurturestars @ TPY SAFRA

Bowling @ SAFRA

Drinks & snacks @ TCC, Great World City

Check out ELC 50% sale

Taka shopping

Late lunch @ Nam Nam noodle bar (finally got to try it!)

Home Sweet Home

Watch bo li zhi cheng on Youtube


What a lovely day! 🙂


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Hello Blog

Aiyoh how long has it been since I last blogged!?! I really miss blogging & this blog. It’s now not recording our everyday/ everyweek, not even everymonth anymore. Sobz.

Our lives have been pretty mundane (i.e. we go through the same motion every day of work, pick up baby, entertain baby, bath baby, make him zzz, our (minimal) personal admin & time wif the gals, zzz). We’ve also all been pretty sick, with crazy fevers & incessant coughs. Not a very good start to the year eh..

There have been no concrete plans for our family holiday this year still! Maybe we should have just gone ahead to book the Switz trip. At least there will be something to look forward to. Boring ne.. need some excitement out of the ordinary (retail therapy can only last so long).

I need some excitement in my life!!!

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Neglected Blog :(

As the title suggests, yeah, this blog is grossly neglected. 😦

I think I’ve said it here before but will complain again – I no longer have the luxury of time to slowly compose my posts, to edit the pics I want to upload and to basically update on the most frivolous of things (but I like!!!!). That sometimes turns me to FB which is so easy to update – albeit without the commentary but the photos get to see the light of day at least. Boo. Hope FB never gets obsolete and deleted like Friendster..

Yeah, the baby’s first year B’day party pics are on FB. So are the many pictures of our various outings. Time has flown & he’s now – shudders – a toddler! :S Yeah, toddlers are aged 1 – 3 BUT we still insist on calling him our baby, more so as babyness eludes us day by day. Though he can be a handful I really wish time would move slower. That he would be our hug & kisses-loving, super gluey baby for a looonnnnngg more time. Please don’t grow up so fast baby… 🙂

Looking forward to going home – 1 hr more – to the baby’s chuckle & huge smile on seeing us! Priceless moment!!!

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I wish I had time to blog!!!

Oh man, the last entry on this blog was on Mothers’ Day?!?

This must be the longest hiatus on this blog since it started – almost 2 mths, & I really miss having the time & luxury to update on the ‘lil things that we do/ our home/ the gals. 😦

& yes, on the ‘lil honey as well. He’s had met one milestone after another & I haven’t had time to document it..

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Photos which make me happy

Becoz I’m experiencing Tuesday blues, becoz I have no access to the work computer, & becoz I have little time to blog at home.. I decided to upload some pics which would make me happee when I see them! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Hee he has such cute hands. & nothing can stop him from putting that hand of his into his mouth in between mouthfuls of sweet potato puree! Our dear baby.. 🙂

Still soooo determined to suck on his fingers even when Mummy says, “Take out! take out!”

The babe snoozing in the carrier, & I. 🙂

Haa our ‘uniform’ for the day ^_*

The yiyi’s cheeky as ever & the babe’s amused! 😀

My ‘lil security ‘guards’ who are waiting to breach the security of the bedroom 😀

[Updated on 20 Apr]

Look how engrossed he was playing wif his saliva!!! & wet hands! Haha.

Fashionista alert!!!! (in his BabyGAP-DVF hat & off-the-rack-but-still-chic sunnies :P)

This was in his 1st mth when he was still a blur-blur baby. 🙂 Check out those skinny legs!

My strong & meaty baby now 😀

[Updated on 23 Apr]

I LOVE this pic of him, taken yesterday!!! How he typically charms us wif his smile 😀

My dunno-why-so-long-still-so-naughty gal!!! But love lots still. 🙂

My sweet & obedient gal who loves pats 😀 (this is the posture post-patting)


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