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Disgust with Rabbit Meat being sold at Cold Storage :(


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Photos which make me happy

Becoz I’m experiencing Tuesday blues, becoz I have no access to the work computer, & becoz I have little time to blog at home.. I decided to upload some pics which would make me happee when I see them! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Hee he has such cute hands. & nothing can stop him from putting that hand of his into his mouth in between mouthfuls of sweet potato puree! Our dear baby.. 🙂

Still soooo determined to suck on his fingers even when Mummy says, “Take out! take out!”

The babe snoozing in the carrier, & I. 🙂

Haa our ‘uniform’ for the day ^_*

The yiyi’s cheeky as ever & the babe’s amused! 😀

My ‘lil security ‘guards’ who are waiting to breach the security of the bedroom 😀

[Updated on 20 Apr]

Look how engrossed he was playing wif his saliva!!! & wet hands! Haha.

Fashionista alert!!!! (in his BabyGAP-DVF hat & off-the-rack-but-still-chic sunnies :P)

This was in his 1st mth when he was still a blur-blur baby. 🙂 Check out those skinny legs!

My strong & meaty baby now 😀

[Updated on 23 Apr]

I LOVE this pic of him, taken yesterday!!! How he typically charms us wif his smile 😀

My dunno-why-so-long-still-so-naughty gal!!! But love lots still. 🙂

My sweet & obedient gal who loves pats 😀 (this is the posture post-patting)


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Baby’s First Christmas

FINALLY had this little pocket of time to do a post on X’mas 2011! (before it’s wayyyyyyy too late :P)

& there you have Zachary, in his “Baby’s First Christmas” bib courtesy of Auntie Pants 🙂

X’mas Eve was spent @ Mum’s as usual & I only got to meet 2 grps of frens – Muisee & Bali (and family), & my office dears Lily, Bonny & Debi for X’mas! But it was nonetheless memorable, & maternity-leaved-me had a very happee time catching up wif close frens & family 🙂 Some of the nicer pics taken are below 🙂

Wif dear buddies Bali & Muisee on X’mas Eve, at Bali’s home 🙂 Pity both kids were zzzping! 😀

1: The amount of pressies at Mum’s was &^^$^*()(**&^%

2: Zach’s X’mas garb – cute striped dino romper!!! ^^

3: Zach wif Daddy & Mummy, by the X’mas tree 🙂

4: Baby wif beloved 姨姨和姨丈!

5: Baby wif Grandmama

6: The lucky boy wif all his pressies from 姨姨, 姨丈 & Grandmama

7: He had a clothes change after peeing on 姨姨 lol

8: Zach wif big dotty Spotty from Gonggong!!!

9: Finally.. a pose wif his pressies from Daddy & Mummy

10: One of my fav gifts – from dear Ann! The rest have got to be the pressies from Hubby.. lol

X’mas day pic wif Coca – it was soooooooooo difficult to take even 1 non-blurry pic! lol. Alas, the gals didn’t like their X’mas treat (apple sticks) very much.

Finally, taken from lily’s blog – a pic wif the offc buds @ our high tea at Rose Veranda, Shang! 😀 LOVE X’mas!!!

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Time Flies; It’s Been 12 Weeks

As usual, the weekly pic marks the end of one more week of our dear baby’s existence, & it’s been 12.. 🙂

The weeks are passing faster than I would like, ‘tho I am happy about how quickly the Fridays & weekends come – when Hubby is home & he can relieve me! we can go out together 😛

Short of the baby’s occasional tantrums (i.e. usually just requests for carrying), he has been a really sweet & happy boy, & we can’t say how thankful we are for that! His smiles/ squeals/ coos can brighten up any day.. hehe..

The poor baby has mostly been exposed to malls (only) so far though! Hmm.. maybe it’s not such a good idea to be born around the Christmas season ‘coz all Daddy & Mummy is doing is hitting the malls & frantically shopping for presents! So the baby has seen various shopping centres & loads of Christmas-shopping ppl, haha. Hopefully we can go for more ‘healthy’ outings once this season passes & he is slightly older.

Hubby & I also managed an outing w/o the baby by leaving him at the in-laws’ – to watch “The Christmas Bunny”, a charity screening by HRSS & to do a dinner. It was a ‘lil unnerving to leave him for so many hours (not used to it) but it turned out ok. 🙂

On the gals – regret to say that ‘tho I am home ALL THE TIME, I have not been able to accompany them alot of the time 😦 Partly becoz when I’m alone, I don’t really want to let them out of the balcony lest the baby wails & I can’t get them back in fast enuff (the naughty gals need supervision when out). So.. I really cherish their nights out when I can spend some quality time wif them & most importantly, they can do all the hopping they want! I feel quite guilty towards them sometimes when they look at me from inside the balcony & I know that last time, I would surely let them out upon request. 😦

But I still do love them so & I hope they will always know it.. 🙂

So ok.. photos in the next post! (& I still need to blog about the anniversary.. 🙂 )

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Reflections.. @ the 8th Week

He’s 8 weeks old! 🙂

Not exactly 2 mths yet but definitely long enuff to do some reflecting.. 🙂

“How has it been?” people ask me. & Ann likes to say, “It’s all worth it right, Jie?”

Sure it is, but.. definitely at the expense of many other things I used to & continue to treasure – freedom, mobility, couple time, etc. etc..

But.. it is a passage of life & I guess everyone (i.e. who made the same decision to have a kid) has to put aside his or her “self” to make things work in the new mode. But of ‘coz.. I also hope to be able to reclaim my old “self” bit by bit, as he grows.. 🙂

& I still want couple time!!! Hear that, Hubby?????????? 😛

On the baby – he’s really into carrying nowadays, it’s REALLY bad! I told his Grandma it’s all her fault & that she’ll get her just deserts when I get back to work haha. But then again, it’s not just her, but everyone else who’s carrying whether it’s warranted or not. Guess it’s the only way people are able to feel close to the baby. He’s also really cheeky – he was fretting/ crying when I put him down, & I actually caught him sneak a smile when I picked him up. Soooo naughty! His Daddy reckons we should spank him haha (like real).

We’ve also yet to formally introduce him to the gals though they certainly have caught sight of him already – must be wondering who’s this mini version of a person. Look forward to the day when he can actually take care of his 姐姐s & to love them the way we do. Such a lovely scenario to think about 😀

OK, here’s our cheeky baby of 8 weeks. Some milestones – blowing bubbles & licking his fist/ hand and lots & lots of baby talk! I think he will be a really talkative boy! 😛

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Baby’s First Week

Yay! Our baby’s 1 week old, as of yesterday! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’s such a cute boy (haha self praise)

A record of Zachary’s first week, in photo format:

His eyes are almost fully open already (not sure whether it will open further), & I think I can see the double eyelids, hehe! At the mmt they look longish rather than roundish.. haha. But didn’t see any dimples yet ‘tho.. sob.

We also had his first visit out yesterday to the paediatrician, who said that all’s well except for a mild case of jaundice.. will have to put baby in the sun when it’s out 🙂 He has also put on weight after losing some in the first few days.. yay! Am very pleased..

Baby’s first ‘outing’ (CF auntie carrying him)

I also went to Gordon Lim’s for a review, & like baby’s, all’s well. The surface wound has healed & the plaster removed – first time I got to see the cut *jitters* it’s definitely more than 10cm long Muisee..

But am glad that it seems to be healing really well & I don’t seem to need the painkillers anymore.. 🙂 Hmm I would highly recommend my gynae! Hee!

Wif the baby, there’re some slight adjustments we’ve made to Coca’s lifestyle – they’re not let out during the day, only at night when baby & CF auntie goes to zzz (ard 8 plus). Then they’ll get their run of the house all the way till 11 plus 12.. 🙂 I call it my special time wif them ‘coz it’s when I’m able to give them full attention while we watch teevee & relax. At night, they are also not confined to the cage anymore. I really do hope the gals will not feel neglected becoz the baby’s here..

Funny photo to share – the gals facilitated the collapse of Cottontails Cottage – partner-in-crime was the rain – and you can see the disaster zone in the balcony below.. goodness!!! The gals did not seem to mind that it has collapsed (rather it became more exciting to explore & chew on)

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Step #21, & Our Last Dinner as a DINK Couple

Hmm, the title of this post sounds kinda dreary but it’s not meant to be.. lol.

Well, well.. as Yuan anticipated, this 5 days of leave will pass by really quickly just as the maternity leave would (he says v soon it will be Christmas, CNY & before I know it I’ll be back to work!) Alamak.

Actually I’m just hoping the hospital stay will pass by quickly – not a fan of doctors/ hospitals/ needles. But what to do, we can’t lay eggs like motherhens & gg to the hospital for some major procedure (natural or not) to get the baby out is inevitable.. sigh. As I have said before, we are less evolved in this aspect than chickens la! 😛

So.. tonight’s meal marks our last as a DINK couple (not counting the furkids). Hubby suggested eating our dear crustacean frens again – from Melben Seafood @ Toa Payoh. Sounds good, ‘tho we just had crabs for Mummy’s b’day dinner!

Chilli crab wif 15 buns!?! (I think Hubby ate 11) & salted egg cum cheese crab

Couldn’t resist taking another pic of the bouquet, which now adorns the dining table. By the time I’m back on Sat it would have withered.. :/

The gals this evening – with zzzpy faces! I’m gonna miss them much while @ the hospital, I know..

Praying for good behaviour.. it’s kinda their naughty week (or naughty 2 weeks :/).

Last but not least, Step #21 – not much of a step but since I took a pic I might as well post it up! 😛 Waterproofing Yuzhe’s bathstation to protect the laminated table top.. keke.

In prepration for tml – as Mel put it – FIGHTING!!! lol. Is this a Korean thing, becoz I 1st heard this being said by Koreans in a Taiwan singing competition? Haa. Anyhow, just wanna add that I’m really really touched by all my frens’ words of concern/ encouragement.. & the many offers of prayers 😀 I am indeed blessed for having you all. *hugs*


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