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超开心,因为圆圆mount 我们的大照了!;D



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Photoshoot Pics

Uploaded some of the edited pics on facebook. Check it out here:

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Worth the Long Wait

After almost 4 months of waiting (i.e. since we selected the photos), we’ve finally collected our album and the frames today – I’m so happeeeee! =D (although the big frame looks abit intimidating (it’s huge and our faces are huge) & our faces on the album cover look huge too =P)

It’s quite many items to take back & it’s really fun going through them over and over. It’s a great day although I’m (getting more and more) sick =/


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Tiring Weekend

It was an exciting eventful tiring long weekend.

After a long, long wait, the rest of the furniture (sofa, coffee table, dining table chairs) finally came on Fri, 24 Jul. No complaints abt the sofa this time round – it’s the inviting and bouncy one we saw @ the showroom! =) As for the coffee table mah, err.. I seriously don’t recall choosing such a BIG one..

Tip for going-to-be buyers of furniture: rethink your decision to get black tempered glass tabletops ‘coz they are REALLY a pain to upkeep – it accentuates the ever-accumulating dust on the tabletop & can be so difficult to clean – we have two.. -_-”


It’s so inviting, and I love these C.A.M cushions! =)


Nicely tucked in when no one’s using

And Sat was the trip to MDW (also after v long!) to see the album layout.. =) Nothing much to change ‘coz it already looks well-put together. Am looking forward to getting all the stuff  (the album, the big photo, 2 smaller photos, 2 small albums & the photo CD) in a month’s time! =D

And did I forget to mention that I was there primarily to choose the WG and EG – very hard to choose leh! In gist, I ‘choped’ 2 gowns but am not very sure about them, the WG especially (will go another day to choose again). Think I very much prefer the sweetheart gown I tried in HK leh.. hmm..

Have not started on the bulk of the wedding prep for Dec. Focus is still v much on the house and cleaning forms a huge part. I’m tired, I mean, of ‘coz I love going to the new place but I also like being pampered at home a lot, so.. I dunno. Never knew how great my current life is.. =)

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Trip to MDW

Went to MDW today again to confirm the blow-ups, frames, album covers & 10q cards! And decided to change 1 pic (she allowed!) after looking at our photo booklet again (If she wasn’t in a rush I bet you I will go ‘thru the entire spread again =P). Briefly, this is what we selected:

  • Big frame – Saikung nature park photo on white & silver frame
  • 8R frame – studio photo (picture frame feature wall; me only) on gold frame
  • 5R frame – studio photo (teddy bear room) on white & gold frame
  • big album cover – outdoor studio photo with ducky
  • small album cover 1 – snowing pic
  • small album cover 2 – dinner table pic  us wif Sweetie pic
  • 10q card – yacht pic

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Have not been very conscientious in updating ‘coz things are happening too fast.. haha.. things are progressing really well!

We bought the furniture last weekend, i.e. the couch, coffee table, dining set & mattress, all in 1 shop. The style is contemporary, & main colour theme = black. Actually we have not ascertained whether we should go for black or dark brown, but black may go better with the floor? The stuff will only come in 2 mths’ time, so, no cushy furniture to sit on for the month of May & most of June.. =P

And haha, we got our first letter addressed to us posted to the new home. Went there to collect it just now =D

Another major milestone – the photos are ready for viewing, & we went to the studio yesterday evening! Selected the pics liao, so fast hor, but we have yet to select the ones to be framed in a really big frame and a 8R and a 5R frame. Not forgeting the ones on the cover of the big and small albums. So many to decide.. hehe..

OK, shall reveal one photo each for each of the costume change.. the rest has to be a surprise.. haha!


On yacht; Yuan in his white suit & me in the La Mer gown


In the studio; Yuan in his black suit & me in the formal gown


In the basement studio; me in the emerald green evening gown! =)

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Cannot Wait

Argh, Sherlin from MDW called to say that our photos are ready for viewing, and that this evening is a possible time, but I have a b’day dinner scheduled tonight!

We’ve scheduled for tml evening instead. Have asked her whether the pics are nice and she said “不错”.. wonder if I’m reading too much into this simple phrase (that I usually use also) but am kinda worried that the photos are just so-so.. sobz! Really hope to be able to find some nice pics there.. very 紧张 leh.

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