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Short Weekend

The weekend’s about to be over before we know it, probably also becoz I slept the entire Fri night away due to my earache =/ This bout of flu sure is powerful! =(

Nevertheless, I felt that the remaining days were really well spent! =) Sat was spent helping Ann with her favours (numerous & really cool!), a sumptuous steamboat dinner wif my family followed by mahjong, wea Yuan & I 全军覆没!Alamak. Sun was spent finishing up the HK Drama DVD, our weekly cleaning routine & finally doing up Ann’s ring holder.. =) 终于大功告成!I can do Mummy’s gift (for our wedding) next le.. hee.

As usual, I have some random pics to show ya.. =)


We love their favours, & want all of them! Hee.


Keke.. the stuff I promised Ann to make for her upcoming ROM.. =P


Wah.. 很努力地在缝这个哦。。Yuan also helped today! =D You’ll also see this motif on our invitation card.. =)


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Banquet Headache

The booking of the banquet for our wedding dinner give us the most headache. We still have not book our banquet. 😦

Guess we are really too slow in making the booking for banquet, all that we call and enquire are fully booked for dinner on our selected dates. Those 2 dates that we want are really hot!!! Arghhhhh

So now we have the option of postponing to next Jan 2010, wedding lunch or customary on weekend follow by wedding dinner in weekday.

Both of us are very sian by this.

But am impressed by one of the hotel service when we went there to reccee during lunctime. We got a free lunch from them.. wahahaha..

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ROM Appt

Hee, both of us took leave today to go for our ROM appt! =) My first time going to ROM..

The process was smooth and quicker than we expected, ‘coz Ah Hwai said must wait very long but not really leh! =P

The somba process was funny too, where each of us had to raise our right hand and read out this looonngg oath & you could hear other to-be-marrieds reading also at the next counter. Haha..

So, we got our marriage certs.. cool..

Yuan smiling happily!

That’s the free gift – a magazine called ‘Just Married’. Hmm..

k, we were @ City Hall area and it’s Wed so I got to try Yuan’s strongly recommended Carona chicken stall! Yum.

After that, we proceeded to buy Cheki’s film, collect our last type of favours and to Far East Flora to order hell of a alot of petals.. what a fruitful day.. =)

And it’s Mummy’s b’day today! HAPPY B’DAE MUMMY!

[sicktrack a bit] Last but not least, the first gift we got, from kiwi.. =) 舍不得 open for the mmt.. haha..

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Guests Please Read.

Dear Guests, please note that on Sun, 28 Sep 08 there are road closures near the city. And there may be heavy traffic around that area. We sincerely hope that you will be there early to witness our solemnisation. Cocktail will be served at 11am followed by our solemnisation at 11.15am. Lunch will be served thereafter.

Please Please Please Dun Be LATE!!!! OK.

For those that are driving, you can check the road closure details here.

For map on the location of ParkRoyal on Beach road, click here

For parking, you can park at Plaza ParkRoyal, which is just behind ParkRoyal on Beach Road. If you are entering from the carpark and taking the lift in between Plaza and ParkRoyal hotel please press 3rd floor (Poolside)

For those that are taking public transport and coming in by the main entrance of ParkRoyal on Beach Road,  you can take the lifts near the reception and press 4th floor (Poolside) and walk towards the Marina/Victoria room.

For those that are planning to come by mrt, we advise you to take a bus from the MRT as the walking distance is quite long.

Please contact Kenneth (YY) @ 98339734 for any matters on that day. Cos PP won’t be carrying her Hp.

Lastly thanks for making time to attend our Big Day. Cheers

ps: As this is an outdoor event under the Sun, please note the Sun may will be Bright and Sunny. You may want to bring a hat/cap for kids/babies.. =P

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Wella 4, 6

Spent $$ today again @ Sunny’s! Hmm. Wedding is really all about $$ ya.. your place, dress, makeup, hair, flowers, etc. etc..

I told Sunny I’m sick of the original colour and requested to re-highlight. He gave me Wella 4, 6 which essentially is dark brown + maroon (not unlike colour of rust).. err.. =P

Am not very used to it but am happee to have darker hair, after so long! =)

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Meet the parents

Hmm finally completed this milestone today. We were rather worried that it may be awkward and all but it turned out fine.. phew..

Ann the *chu bee one played her role well.. haha.

*according to Yuan’s mum’s words

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Meeting Mr Chan

We met our JP, Mr Chan Kai Yau today! =)

Like what’s being said online, Mr Chan will always want to meet at the Borders fountain.. and he will always meet a few couples at one go. Thus, we managed to see 3 other couples-to-be just now (Yuan was checking out if the other brides were pretty) =P

The meetup with him was surprisingly chop chop! He jotted down our names, ROM date and venue and asked us to write our Mandarin names and occupation while he signed the agreement form to solemnise our marriage. Then gave us a few quick directions on calling him again (after our ROM appt) and that was it! I was surprised ‘coz I thought he would be briefing us on the process on that day (like what I read on some other wedding blogs by some other JPs)..

Nonetheless, I think he’s a 德高望重 person who looks really respectable and nice! Heard from Jo who had him that he can be very humourous too. Very grateful that he has obliged to be our JP! =D

Found a pic of him on the Net.. =P

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