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Wonderful JP – Mr Chan Kai Yau

Many many thanks to Mr Chan Kai Yau for solemnising our marriage. He was candid & humourous throughout the ceremony, making the process more lighthearted, & even fun for us! Our parents and guests commented that he is good, too.. glad that we invited him to be our solemniser.. =)

Thanks Mr Chan!


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Photos Collation

Hi Dears, we’re back in SG! ={ Am happy to be back but unhappy to go back to work next week. Bad ah.. =P

If you had helped us to capture some photos during our ROM, pls do send the pics to us! We only have a handful from our own camera (too flustered to take pics) & some from frens.. am hoping the rest of you can send your photos to us. Melvin’s photos & slideshow will only come in around 3 weeks later..

Here’s some nice pics sent to us thus far.. =) Thanks Guys!

From Hwai –>

From MK –>

From Lily-Lydia (see his tougue! haa!) –>

From Tao –>

Our own cam (love these pics!) –>

From Muisee –>

Will add more pics as we go along. Cheers!

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Glimpse of ROM Photos

Preview of the ROM pics from our ‘official’ photographer.. *wink*

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Our Wedding 28 Sep 2008

Finally our ROM is over. After so much preparation and planning! The event is considered to be a success, bah. Everything went quite smoothly as planned.. =)

The photos are not ready yet. Gotta wait for 3 more weeks. But here are some pics of our wedding guestbook – we both love the guestbook alot alot alot! =D


Dear Guests Thanks for coming and hope u enjoyed the day! You guys are great, we love what you did wif the guestbook, cheers!!!

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