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There’re more and more tasks to be completed, with shorter deadlines as we close in on the big day! -_-” Although we’ve been doing bit pieces all along, but it’s not enuff leh – progress still seems too slow! =/

Food tasting was last Sun, and I must say I was pretty happy wif the Libai food (just need to talk to them on some minor adjustments). I harboured the thought of showing you the pics (I painstakenly took photos of every dish) but I guess it’s better for you to be surprised! Hee.

And my parents requested for the wedding cakes early (instead of giving at the GDL day) so we just ordered loads of cake from Choz, and will be giving out this weekend.. quite early eh, but it’s good to settle this part la >_< this RSVP part is really the most siong..

And I guess we have to clear up our rooms pretty soon for the wedding! Have to start moving the bulk of my stuff over (starting with the clothes and books) & slowly all the rubbish.. argh.. dunno where to ‘hide’ them in the new house man..

Oh yes.. and Yuan bought my 四点钻 le.. woo hoo! It’s from Lee Hwa. =D

Some pics, as usual (waiting for some more nice pics from Ann’s camera!):

food tasting_signage

Food tasting @ Garnet Room =)

food tasting_grp photo

Our set of parents plus my naughter sister & Soonsoon.


Haha my nice velvety pink and black hangers.. =P I bought 100 of these :O


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5 Months Countdown

Yoo Hoo! Just realised that it’s exactly 5 MONTHS to our customary wedding! *Excited* May start thinking of what to do to be prepared, but gotta settle Ann’s ROM stuff first.. keke –> Tonight!

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Hello! We’re back (Part 3)

Apart from the shoot, I guess the only other related activity to the wedding is shopping.. for the wedding/ house! =D It was truely a very enjoyable experience scouring HK shops for wedding-related items ‘tho we didn’t have alot of 收获 after all.. hmm.

Maybe our expectations were a ‘lil too high when we thought that we’ll be able to get alot of nicer and more unique wedding items/ house accessories from HK but eh.. think sg stuff nicer leh. For instance, we really wanted to get a teapot set for the tea ceremony but even after scouring through all the shops in Golden Plaza (i.e. HK’s wedding plaza at Prince Edward) we couldn’t find one that’s nicer than some we’ve seen in sg, the price’s about the same and every shop was selling the same thing! Hmm. So no point buying leh..

Goods of Desire was another disappointment.. didn’t see as much inspiring stuff as I thought we would. And there’s no size for the 喜喜 bedsheet that caught our eye.. arrghhh. So in the end, didn’t buy so many things la (‘tho in sg, purchase can happen on a daily basis). Upload the pics when I get home.. now lunchtime in office.. *yawn*

[Update as of 18 Apr, 11.37pm] Pics of our wedding-related buys are below =P

hk_buy1   hk_buy2

HK wedding mags, “Good Morning/ Good Night” bedlinen from GOD

hk_buy3   hk_buy4

“肥肥” from Ocean Park from Hubby (new gift to be brought to new place),  喜喜剪纸 &  红包

hk_buy5   hk_buy6

Yummy pomelo tea mix, Panda magnet from Ocean Park

hk_buy7   hk_buy8

Free “The Dog” mug from 7-11, Mint plant from City Super

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Save the Date

Dear All,

We’ve finally conquered the very difficult hurdle!!! Phew. The date’s set (Sun, 6 Dec 09) & place booked (Sheraton Towers), and it will be a lunch banquet! =) More details will be coming your way in due course, and my dear sistas will be getting a buzz from me real soon.. hee. Meanwhile.. stay tuned for updates and pls do save the date for us! =D


Love, Yuan & Pang

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Banquet Headache

The booking of the banquet for our wedding dinner give us the most headache. We still have not book our banquet. 😦

Guess we are really too slow in making the booking for banquet, all that we call and enquire are fully booked for dinner on our selected dates. Those 2 dates that we want are really hot!!! Arghhhhh

So now we have the option of postponing to next Jan 2010, wedding lunch or customary on weekend follow by wedding dinner in weekday.

Both of us are very sian by this.

But am impressed by one of the hotel service when we went there to reccee during lunctime. We got a free lunch from them.. wahahaha..

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Very Broke

It was our first appt @ HDB today, and yes, everything’s very much confirmed – we’ll be getting the keys on Labour Day! =D

We never had to sign so many documents in our lives, and were kinda shocked that we needed to pay the rest of the COV today. So.. we reluctantly parted with a huge part of our savings! Urgh.. sob sob.

We also took the time to visit a few potential banquet places since we’re both on leave. As usual, we are rather quick to come to a decision and there’s already one that we kinda like! Hmm.. see how la on this Sat when we check the place out again =)

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Housewarming Menu

I know we’re still VERY far from this day, but I just had to blog about this! *kekeke*

It’s a good cooking day ‘coz I managed to do up the dessert 杨支甘露 this morning for the CNY party @ Yuan’s place! ^^ Am really very pleased ‘coz it’s so much more exciting as compared to my usual jello; my only regret is that we were so pressed for time that I forgot to take pics! Boo. Anyhow, I like this dessert (from HK?) alot so I guess I will insert it into our housewarming menu (future planning). =P

On a separate note, Yuan & I will be visiting some potential banquet places soon since it’s Feb already, and the thing’s prolly in the first weekend of Dec. So, if you happen to have any good places to recommend us pls do so quickly! Hee.

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