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Collected Yuan’s re-polished wedding band today.

The rose gold stain is no longer there, & the bands are finally a pair again! =)

Mine is not really perfect ‘tho because of that ‘Z’ colour mini diamond, but I guess I will let that rest. Don’t think they are going to replace a diamond for me.. >_<

In any case, the bands still look very pretty together. See below!


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Lousy After Sales Service

Actually not sure whether i shd pen this down in the blog. All the while our preparation had been pretty smooth. Nothing bad or unhappy happened during our preparation. But last fri, Me is so pissed with our wedding band vendor Love & Co. I was so angry that i scolded that sales guy.

There is a small rose gold stain on my wedding band, it is quite small and the stain is quite light. So during collection we can’t really see the stain due their shop’s BRIGHT LIGHTING.  It is only when we’re home under normal lighting then we can see it. So we went back the next day to the shop, guess what the guy say, “Since you had signed and collected the ring, it is your responsibility, we can send for polishing but if charges are incurred you will need to pay”. Upon hearing this, i was sooooooo sooooooo pissed. Any idiot can see clearly tat the stain is definitely caused by their lousy worksmanship or poor QC (or is there any?). The first thing they did was not to help us solve the problem but pushing the responsibility to us. WTF service is tat!! They are damn lucky there ain’t any other customers in there at the moment. Cos i’m gg to create a big hoo haa there. Anyway they say they will send back for polishing and most likely they will be able to remove the stain without any charges. So what type of customer service are they providing?? And dear is still tinking of getting one of their diamond necklace for next year AD. But i dun tink i will wanna buy anything from them ever. And ppl if u r planning to get things from them please check carefully cos u can’t expect much after sales service from them.

Sorry my dear. But is just not worth buying from them.

My personal view on Love & Co. Before sales services 100 marks. After sales services -100 marks!

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It’s Love & Co!

We’ve finally decided on our choice of bands, from Love & Co. ! ^_^

Yesterday, exactly 3 months to our ROM date, and 2.5 years of being together, we finally ordered the bands.. hee. So exciting!

[Why Love & Co. and not Fairy’s Inc.] First of all, I REALLY like that particular ring from Love & Co. Have seen it on the ads before we went down to the shop and it had caught my eye already. At the shop, needless to say, it matched perfectly with my engagement ring..

The appointment with Fairy’s Inc. was great and we almost decided we would custom make our rings. Like what Yuan mentioned in his previous post, the gals were really attentive and not pushy at all. However, we somehow felt that all we wanted was a classic design (i.e. nothing really unique); there was thus no point of custom making our rings. We also did not want to emboss or engrave stuff on the top surface of the ring..

That said, after collecting my resized engagement ring yester we went to Love & Co, (I) was totally convinced that it’s the one, Yuan managed to choose a matching one, we felt that it was ok to buy and that sealed our choice already lor.. hee..

A sneak preview of my ring – it’s one of those in the ad below. =P


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Fairy’s Inc.

Finally we went for our appointment wif Fairy’s Inc. today. Quite a different experience from the normal jewellery shops. Usually those sales ppl will push u with all the rings esp. their signature Brilliant Rose, Celestial, Destiny.. but Fairy’s Inc. is quite unique, they started by introducing us their services are and what they can do. I didn’t know that there is embossing for rings. Haha..

Because we had no idea of what design we had in mind we were not able to come up with any design. But Sandra is really nice, she showed us some nice designs and let us know what is suitable for us. There is so much that we have to take note in choosing the ring design, esp. our finger. Cos it will really determine what sort of ring design is suitable.

Since we can’t come up with anything we fixed another appointment next week to discuss further. What impressed me was their style, and they are friendly with no hard sell tactics. But Sweetie is still undecided between Fairy’s Inc. and Love & Co. Maybe we will go to Love & Co again to have another look at the design that she likes.

So now Sweetie gotta think of some designs before our next appointment. I really enjoy the process of the wedding preparation although it takes up almost all of our personal time.

Cheers and wait for more update on our wedding bands. 🙂

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Wedding Bands Part 2

Went to Soo Kee and Lee Hwa yesterday to look at their wedding bands. After the previous trip dear already has an idea of what design she is looking for. She prefers rose gold, is ok with 2 tones, with a row of Diamonds!! For me, it is more easy, mine must match dear’s band, no diamond, not too thick, simple design.

At both Lee Hwa and Soo Kee, we checked out the different designs and their prices. I’m able to find designs that i like but none caught dear’s attention. So these 2 are out. So we will be going to Fairy’s Inc. next week, to check it out. We need to settle this fast, cos usually they need about 10 weeks to customise or make a new pair.

So the pair that we saw at Love & Co is still our fav. 🙂

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Wedding Bands

Didn’t realise that shopping for wedding bands can be so much fun. Goldheart is the first shop we went to view their wedding bands. There wasn’t any that really caught our attention. But it is nice trying on different designs of wedding bands. But me dun really like the sales guy, the salesgirl is better. The sales guy keeps pushing their celestial wedding bands!! We had no intention for one and Dear doesn’t like the cutting at all.

Today we went to Vivo city’s Love & Co. Love & Co is managed by Soo Kee and specialises in Wedding bands. We spent about an hour there browsing through their huge range of wedding bands. We like their designs a lot and actually did select a pair. Eh to be exact it is not a pair, cos the ring that dear picked is an individual ring, and I picked one that matches hers. But it is a bit over our intended budget and since this is only the second shop that we went, we still wanna check out a few more shops before making a decision. I would give a thumbs up to the salesgirl. She is patient and not pushy at all. She even agree with us on looking around more before deciding. I guess unless we can find one that Dear likes more, most likely we will be getting that.

Our next stops. Soo Kee, Lee Hwa and Fairy’s Inc.

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