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ROM Appt

Hee, both of us took leave today to go for our ROM appt! =) My first time going to ROM..

The process was smooth and quicker than we expected, ‘coz Ah Hwai said must wait very long but not really leh! =P

The somba process was funny too, where each of us had to raise our right hand and read out this looonngg oath & you could hear other to-be-marrieds reading also at the next counter. Haha..

So, we got our marriage certs.. cool..

Yuan smiling happily!

That’s the free gift – a magazine called ‘Just Married’. Hmm..

k, we were @ City Hall area and it’s Wed so I got to try Yuan’s strongly recommended Carona chicken stall! Yum.

After that, we proceeded to buy Cheki’s film, collect our last type of favours and to Far East Flora to order hell of a alot of petals.. what a fruitful day.. =)

And it’s Mummy’s b’day today! HAPPY B’DAE MUMMY!

[sicktrack a bit] Last but not least, the first gift we got, from kiwi.. =) 舍不得 open for the mmt.. haha..


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My Cheki!

Since I bought the Cheki myself, I have got to claim another present from Yuan!


Presenting my minty Cheki.. *drumroll*

Frens who know me well know I surely choose this colour.. 😉

It’s actually the instax mini 7. Did not have any intention to buy a new instant camera until very recently when we realised my Polaroid camera & film phased out liao.. >_< Will use this new little guy to take photos for our guestbook, hee!

My ultra cool Supersampler from Anna Sui. Who wants to help me take lomo shots during the wedding?

Keke, virgin shot by Cheki, of Mummy & her new permed hair for the wedding! (Ann: don’t tell Mummy I uploaded it here or she’ll kill me!) Haha.

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Fun wif Confetti cones

*tadaa* Presenting to you wedding fun for grown-ups! =P

To be filled with soft, fragrant, pretty rose petals in shades of red and pink (I imagine).. mmm..

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Fun wif Bubbles

Yuan & I went to Toys”R”us today and bought the bubble bottles for the ROM! =)

Initially we were contemplating whether we should get the battery-operated bubble guns but that would mean only Sweetie and Qiang will get to play.. =P

But then again, I have a feeling all the kids will dominate the bubble bottles.. how ah..!

Anyways, these will be placed at the aisle where we walk in. Will also have petal confetti for the grown-ups (if you don’t manage to get access to these bottles).. haa..

Check it out! Sweet anot??? =D

I tested the purple bottle & realised the bubbles are purple, and very resilient indeed! Believe they will make our ROM all the more beautiful.. =)

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