Her Say:

Finally got my proposal on Sat, 7 Jun 08! Haha..

‘tho the ‘order’ is abit wrong ‘coz we already paid the deposit for the solemnisation venue.. !?! but I guess I am nevertheless happy =P

Yuan tried his best to create some element of surprise by bluffing me that he hasn’t bought the ring, the ring is not ready, etc. But 我也不是省油的灯!Could tell that he 破绽百出!哈哈!

He suggested that we try out the free picnic cum BBQ set that we got from the 8 Days subscription, and said that he will take care of all arrangements (hmm: suspicious). I also already knew that he had bought the FF Bear that I wanted by then.. =)

The venue was this grass patch near to Sunset Bay @ East Coast Park. We laid our picnic mat and set up the mini-BBQ pit for 2. It’s actually very fun and romantic ‘coz Yuan and I hardly go to the beach and we’ve never done such a small-scale BBQ for only the 2 of us before! Many thanks to Yuan’s mum also for preparing all the BBQ food for us (he arrowed her one). Thus, we had very yummy marinated BBQ food to eat! =D

The proposal itself ah.. err.. was abit funny ‘coz Yuan was a ‘lil awkward (I think). He didn’t kneel leh and only just sat down beside me (!!!) Well, of ‘coz he asked “Will you marry me?” but the funny thing is he didn’t wait for me to answer before putting the ring on my finger..! He then proceeded to start eating.. err haha. I’m guessing that he feels very awkward. Very wierd. Haa..

Well ok so that’s about it liao lor.. the proposal.. show you pics below =P

Check out the pit.. isn’t it cute! Our view
Almost ready with the setup Charcoal burning, and getting dark
First batch of food! (stomachs growling) These look so good on my picnic plate, don’t they?
Hotdogs which got too burnt Pork chops with my all-time favourite crab sticks!
Me buttering my favourite crabsticks
Home liao wif the flowers and bear.. =D
Like this very cosy shot!
Last but not least – how could I forget – the ring! Haha!

His Say:

Yes I admit me skipped the most important step before proceeding to the ROM preparation. But never in my mind did i ever forget about IT. In fact since the start of this year me had been thinking about the Proposal. But Life been pretty busy for me study.. new job.. Is not an good excuse but sweetie understand what me is going through.

I remember we had a talk in Apr regarding our future plan and the Project Initiation. And I suggested she chooses her own proposal ring. Cos last thing i want is to get her a Ring that she do not like. So off we go scouting in different shops and looking at their designs and know more about diamond. Sweetie did not specified any that she want. At the end she still want me to choose the Ring myself. But from those scouting trips i manage to get a feel of what she like.

So once the GSS start!! Me start my Ring Scouting trips again. It took me 2 weeks to find the RING. Although i’m heart pain. But i really feel that it is worth it.

On the Proposal day, can see the whole process from the Pictures above. There are some hipcups on the day. Such as the bad weather. Rain from morning till late afternoon. Me rushing around to prepare all the stuff for BBQ. Buy the flowers. Me is running around the whole afternoon. When reach ECP can’t find a good spot. Wanna park near carpark and a spot that is not too crowded. But the end effect is Good. Me is please with myself for making my sweetie a Happy Woman 🙂

I never imagine myself doin all this stuff. But i am glad I did all this for my sweetie. The whole process is soooo wonderful and seeing her wearing my Ring. Me is soooo happy. I strongly believe that start of a good marriage begin with nice memories.

I want The Proposal to be the first good start for our long lasting marriage. And I’m sure more sweet memories will come. 🙂

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