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Nesting Syndrome – it’s seriiousss!

Yes, it even got extended to the kitchen ;P


My bento & cooking toys! Love the gingham lining from Finest & new organiser boxes from Daiso.



My collection of bento boxes so far.. hiak hiak. Love them!!!


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Our living room

Our living room

Haven’t posted anything on the house for awhile – reason being, there’s nothing happening wif the house lol except for ornaments being removed in lieu of the toddler’s itchy hands 🙂 Still loving how it looks when it’s neat. 🙂 Can’t wait for the painting from TW.. my first. 🙂

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Snippets of Taiwan

Time to update on the love nest – yeah!

As always, we were on the lookout to buy stuff to adorn the home while on hols; here goes 🙂


胜兴车站的手信 - “爸爸妈妈和吉吉吉吉 2012年11月台湾一游”

Ok this was pretty cool ‘coz we got to carve the words ourselves using the tool! And the shop provided color pencils & stamp pads for your use (decor). Nice!!! 😀 It now adorns our balcony 🙂



天灯souvenir from 十分。。pretty!



Can you spot the 野柳 “Queen’s head” addition on our magnet ‘wall’?



Haha another family portrait, from 淡水 🙂



You may have tasted Osmanthus jelly, but have you tried Osmanthus soap??? 🙂 Heavenly scented soap from Tai Chung’s Lavender Cottage..



2 mini art pieces added to the collection, from Taiwan! & bunny ones! *hearts*



Updated our funny wall wif Taiwan funny pics! Hee!

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Mahjong Tea Party

Finally, we had our MJ tea party. 🙂

Been some time since we entertained, & still loving it ‘tho it now takes much more effort juggling child & entertaining duties 🙂

Was a fruitful session for me as well ‘coz I got to try out 2 new bento recipes! Happy! My cooking is not so hopeless afterall hahaha! Got hope for Zhe’s future bento le! 😀

Back by popular demand – Bacon wrap trio

First try – Vege & cheese sausage gratin yumz! Adapted from Makiko Itoh’s  recipe.

Another first, from Makiko’s Just Bento cookbook – ham & garlic cream cheese rolls 😀

Full brunch spread, additions wif compliments from the gals & guy

The gals!!! Damn the clip’s not working out for me man 😦

Thereafter we had a much anticipated round of MJ. Till the next time Guys!

Best of luck Lily as you embark on your new adventure tml 🙂

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Some green in the house again! :)

Technically speaking it’s outside the house.. 😀

Finally got down to buying the plant & the frame for the pot.. Happy! ‘Coz we can finally use the rabbit pot Ann bought us some time ago! Hee.

Been some time since I updated on the house too 😀

20120819-110737 AM.jpg

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A boss, of all persons once said this to me: “Your self-worth is not determined by your job. A job is just a job.”

Am not going into details but ya, that’s that.

Have been thinking of sprucing up the home lately (sorry if this sounds disjointed from the top 2 sentences haha), but I wonder if it’s a futile effort especially wif the baby – don’t houses just get messier & dirtier wif a child ard! Haa.

The bamboo blinds we installed to keep out the sun/ rain from the balcony lends the living room an unexpected cosiness – also inspiring me to re-decorate the house to make it nicer! I guess we would all appreciate returning to a neat, tidy, organised & beautiful home 🙂 Time to restart the (packing) engines, hee..

One of the things I regretted not doing during my ML – cooking! Sigh. To think that I was at home for almost 4 months but did not get to cook a single meal (wif the exception of porridge). It’s pathetic. 😦 I think I need to come up to speed wif this one so that Zach can grow up eating healthy & hearty homecooked meals.. & yes lovely Jap-styled bentos. 😛

On the topic of Jap-styled bentos, haha – I bought up a storm at Daiso just now (been some time since I found Daiso interesting). Rice molds, sandwich molds, silicone cups, sauce bottles, etc. etc.. I basically stalked the bento section. Quite excited about this bento thing! 🙂 I am rather determined to make nice food (taste & look gd) for my dear baby (and Hubby of ‘coz).. 😛

Very inspiring site:

Hope 我不是三分钟热度!!!

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A Week of Many Buys..


First it was the Storksak bag on Thurs, & today – our robotic ‘helper’, a Quinny & a soft mat for future use! 😀 😀 😀

You know what – we were kinda curious about how the Roomba would perform, but the gals’ antics amused us even more! Didn’t expect them to freak out the way they did. I think they really think the Roomba is some alien or But soon, soon.. they will get used to it (we’re sure) & the naughty ‘befriending’ behaviours will start.. 😛

Cotton cautiously checking out the Roomba from a distance (while standing 2m away) lol

Check out Ka’s body language! lol. REALLY curious but cautious man. She’s been checking it out several times since it docked hahaha.

Yuzhe’s ride! A Quinny Zapp Xtra from the Expo fair today.

Also from the fair, his soft mat! I like the cheery playground setting.

The back, also nice, & useful too in A, B, C 🙂

– – – – – – – –

On a separate note..

We must say that Ka is v v gd at her toilet training but her table manners are.. tsk tsk tsk. Check out her latest pic below:

This was after Roomba helper did her job -_-“

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