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Very Nice & Breezy Sat

Great start to a day, wif the nice breeze & howling winds.. =D.. *loves*

(But maybe a little cold for the gals ‘coz Cotton darling kept sneezing.. =P)

Have quite abit of packing/ research that I wanna do this weekend, & am looking forward to it! And also some office work to do too, unfortunately. Very pleased though that the Gantt chart’s up.. doesn’t it look familiar? =P

Have my proj mgmt experience in P’s time to thank for this! Cannot work w/o a timeline man..

Lovely new sticky notes to use for my research.. from Lily’s friend Ally’s online shop hee


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Nice Pics of the Week

The polling, & Mothers’ Day weekend is almost over! Another working week beckons; urgh, am so not looking forward.

But maybe I shouldn’t be feeling that way ‘coz we’re leaving for HK next weekend! Heh. Great to go on a trip but will be better if my gals can be strunk into mini bunny keychains I can bring around! That will surely ease the heartache =P

This is gonna be a short post ‘coz I’m feeling lazy.. =P Just some pics below la =)

Mothers’ Day dinner after voting! Aiyoh this Mummy wanted to eat her fav Aston’s AGAIN. This was the Katong outlet.

Nice pic wif Mummy!

Nice pic wif Hubby

Haa this is unrelated. Decided to embark on this bunny craft I bought some weeks ago from Kino (it was this or work, and I didn’t feel like doing work today). It’s still work-in-progress, but almost done! This will be put in the balcony, together wif Pu & Ding’s photos – we thought that the balcony should have the gals’ presence as well.. since it’s their home now. Will post a pic of it when it’s up! =D

And yes.. I wanted to post this 2 days ago, on the 6th but something cropped up – It’s the final 5 mths countdown! Hmm. Time to start some serious planning.. ..

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Down to the Final Week

Yep.. time ignored our earnest request and continue to zip by us..

Thankfully, ALOT of things are settled – videos, music, briefings, clothes, shoes, gifts..

& the long weekend was really helpful! Thank God for it. =)

Things we did over the past few days (including today) of worthy mention:

  • Met Nel & Bel for dinner on Thurs
  • Brought Pu the sweetheart to the vet on Sat – she’s almost recovered! =)
  • 姐妹 party on Sun
  • Gown fitting today

It’s a hectic, hectic period for us. Hotel’s rehearsal tml. I need to relax..

Some pics of the 姐妹 party below. If I have time tml I’ll elaborate more.. too tired now.

I love the setting! But table abit too small for more food.. haa.

& I regret taking soooo few pics of the party (eh.. this were the only 2 I took of the 姐妹s =S ). Too busy hanging out in the kitchen/ serving food/ taking 姐妹s on house tours liaoz. Haha.

OK.. you can catch a glimpse of me and Grace and Bali here (think Muisee took this pic). Shld have ’empowered’ one of them to take pics! Haa.

OK.. update tml again if I am free.. zzzzzzzzz..

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2 Weeks Countdown

It’s the final 2 weeks countdown – the wedding’s coming REALLY soon!!! :O

Thurs was the treat from Mary for the wedding @ the very nice Japanese Dining Bar (10q Mary!), Fri was the meetup wif my HTAC friends for our 1 yr reunion @ Brewerkz, Sat was wine-shopping for the banquet followed by loads of shopping at Vivo, & Sun (today) was a major springcleaning session of our new home in preparation for the wedding! ;P Hubby Yuanyuan deserves loads of praise for doing all the windows and toilets in addition to the usual stuff – REALLY tough job! :S

And we put up some of the shuangxi liaoz; the house looks so auspicious now! Hmm pair it wif a spanking new X’mas tree & it looks really east-west fusion.. funny! =D

Hee.. lots of photo updates below!

The lovely wine shop (one of Sheraton’s vendors) @ Bukit Timah

Hohoho! Guess what we bought @ Vivo’s Tangs Christmas store.. =P

Mum was surprised that the tree’s up – so soon!?! (Yeah, we work fast)

The tree in the day – we need to get more golden stuff! (yeah – the theme’s the same as our wedding’s –> primarily GOLD =) ).

[Update as of 26 Nov – almost done!!! =)]

I love this view, all the more now!

Finally put up the shuangxi thingy bought in HK in Apr..

Shuangxi stickers all over the wardrobe..

While we’re cleaning, Pu tried to amuse us with her cute half zzzping-half eating antics. She succeeded! =D

Woo.. yummy pizza dinner after all that hard work.. hardly the recommended pre-wedding sorta diet. Haha.

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29 Day Countdown to AD/ 1 Mth Countdown to Honeymoon

Woo.. the countdown is getting exciting becoz it’s down to the final 29 days! *stressed* I’m still struggling to settle the tasks on my list one by one, as much as I can do each day. Check out the latest below..

Our Angpao Box

angpao box1

Made wif crystal wedding bear couple, white fluff, fabric flowers, pearls, pearl string, swarovski crystals & ribbons.. nice mah? =P

close up1



Side view

Our Guestbook


The cover, adorned with swarovski crystals & flower beads! =) Love this guestbook becoz it guides ppl to write meaningful things. 


First inner page..


Second inner page..


X’mas lightings are up sooo early this year! Wanna shop for our very own first X’mas tree =D


Hee.. & I still think the view from the balcony (particularly this scene at dusk) is gorgeous. Heh.

ikea buys

Hohoho.. check out all our buys from IKEA yesterday (much of the remaining stuff we need for our new house). There you’ll find the cardboard boxes, ironing board, bedside table, quilt, sheets, GDL lamps (improvised), bin & others.. the cost of building up a new home is &^&$%&#$%..!!!

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4 Months Countdown!

gantt chart

A picture speaks a thousand words – my love for Gantt charts has prompted me to do one for our AD project which details the tasks for me (pink), Yuan (blue) & us (green) starting from TODAY all the way till 1 day b4 the wedding, 5 Dec 09. And the white room has also become our AD project command centre.. wahaha. What an exciting (not sexciting, lily!) time! =D

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1 week left

Ah, there’s only 1 week left to the ROM!

Got our first well-wishes in advance from Sophia today, before her holiday. Thanks Sophia! =D


Err, this photo marks the last weekend of our singlehood.. ..

Happening weekend this is too ‘coz we celebrated Mummy’s b’day @ the Flyer. =)

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